Shoppers Check Out Mall Deals on Video Screens

Shoppers Check Out Mall Deals on Video Screens

A new Nielsen Media Research study for Adspace Networks shows that 47 percent of mall shoppers viewed content provided on the Adspace Mall Network on Smart Screens displaying 10 best deals in the mall weekly. Of those viewers, 34 percent had an average recall of specific ads they saw on the network.

The results show that shoppers:

  • Viewed the Smart Screens an average of 3.3 times per visit
  • Had an average total viewing time of 114 seconds
  • Spent an average length of each view of 34 seconds

With advertisements on the Smart Screens lasting 10-15 seconds, each shopper sees nearly three spots per view. By the end of their mall trip, viewers of the Smart Screens will have seen nearly 10 spots on the network.

Teens were even more likely to watch the Smart Screens (57 percent) and devoted more time to doing so. Teens 12-17 viewed the Smart Screens an average of 5.5 times per visit with an average viewing time of 2.2 minutes (or 132 seconds).

Additional findings include:

  • 70% of Adspace viewers agree that the Smart Screens are a good thing for malls to offer their customers
  • 71% agree that the programming and advertising is informative
  • 65% agree they enjoy having the Smart Screens available to check stores with sales
  • 80% of all mall shoppers reported they would look at, watch, or listen to the Smart Screens on their next visit to the mall

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