Oh, the Zumanity

RAM-Oh the Zumanity-Zumanity screenshotCéline Dion isn't the only one strangely enamored of the French-Canadian stylings of Cirque du Soleil. While the circus' fare usually falls in family-friendly "My Heart Will Go On" territory, its Zumanity show, dubbed the "sensual side of Cirque du Soleil," aims to appeal to adults and their, um, grown-up urges. And how: The show includes segments like "Midnight Bath," "Orgy" and "Straps." Oh, my.

Thus was born and In the former, you complete a memory game as two women make out underwater. In the latter, a dancer named Julia frolics with a Hula-hoop while you trace each letter of "Zumanity" with your mouse. Successfully complete a letter? Julia removes an article of clothing (it's especially riveting when she removes her scrunchie after you complete the "u").

Developed by IdeaWork, a creative house with an apparent specialty in promoting Las Vegas mega-attractions like Hard Rock's Rehab party, each game mirrors a segment from the actual Zumanity show. If you're sufficently intrigued when Gyula and Bolormaa splash about in their fish tank, then you can click the conveniently placed "Purchase Tickets"
link for the show to see it for real. But, somehow, for a game that's perfect for killing time, it's rather ironic that it's extremely NSFW. Unless, of course, you're researching a story for OMMA.
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