Bussed: 'Seinfeld' Tours The Campus Circuit

Seinfeld Tour Bus"Seinfeld" has hit the road. Literally. The "Seinfeld Campus Tour" set out Tuesday on a 26-city, 10,000 mile journey in a "Seinfeld"-branded, bio-diesel-fueled bus. The promotional effort hopes to bring the Emmy-winning series to the Millennial generation.

Beginning August 12, the Sony Pictures Television venture is capitalizing on the continued popularity of "Seinfeld" among the 18-49 demo. "The show that made the phrases 'Yada Yada Yada,' 'Master of your Domain,' 'Shrinkage' and 'No Soup for You!' part of American culture is every bit as compelling today as it was during its original run," said Robert Oswaks, president, marketing, Sony Pictures Television.

Sony believes the "The Seinfeld Campus Tour" will "reinforce the show's iconic comedy and perpetual humor among college students and participants across the country," he added.



The nationwide promotion will include specific efforts, but the 60-foot-long tour bus houses a mini-museum of "Seinfeld" treasures, such as scripts and props (the Fusilli Jerry statue), TV screens airing key show moments, a DVD game and bins of "Seinfeld" foods, like Snapple and black-and-white cookies.

To compete in the digital age--the show ran from 1989-1998--three bus laptops explore "Seinfeld" MySpace, "Seinfeld" Facebook and the "Seinfeld" Web site.

Outside the bus, visitors can sample an interactive "Seinfeld" experience in the 1,700 square-foot "Seinfeld" compound. Participants have an opportunity to win Sony video Walkmans and Sony digital cameras while playing games with a "Seinfeld" twist: a "Marine Biologist Hole-in-One" putting game and a frisbee game called "Monk's Diner Plate Toss."

The tour also has an idealistic bent; it hopes to encourage college students to make a difference. Sony is using the Soup Nazi, one of the show's recurring characters, as part of a mission to feed the hungry. Sony TV is partnering with the nonprofit Do Something to jump-start a college campus soup drive.

"Seinfeld" won 13 Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. Currently in syndication, the show is often ranked the No. 1 off-net comedy across all key male and adult demos. It airs on broadcast and TBS in 197 markets. "Seinfeld" has just been renewed, and will air through 2011.

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