Good Help is Hard to Find

RAM-Good Help is Hard to FindInteractive ad sales veteran Bill Jennings got tired of job sites that didn't meet his hiring needs. Sites like Monster are too broad, and industry sites like, he says, aren't specific enough. Jennings called on Joe Szala, brand manager at branding and interactive agency Vigor, and together they developed a recruiting site specifically for interactive ad sales reps. Vigor designed and created, with Jennings as advisor and investor.

Ads cost $275 for 30 days and $400 for 60 days. A handful of publishers have tried the site, which is generating just a couple hundred unique visitors per month, but the founders are pleased with their soft launch. It appears clients are, too.

"I think the candidates who are applying to our position are better qualified," says Trevor Wright, CEO of DogTime Media, which advertised for an account executive. "Sometimes when we post on these other places, like Monster, HotJobs and Craigslist, we get people who are trying to get into media sales but they're lacking experience."

"We just wanted to get back to basics and get it in front of people as soon as possible, so we designed to be very easy to use," Szala says. Vigor put the jobs up front and the extra content, a blog, in the back, which is the opposite of the way other sites work, Szala says. AdTeams is promoted through search engines and through its own database of what the company calls high-level users and influencers.

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