Out to Launch

The Atlantic makes us think. Happy Cows wanted: must relocate to California. Let's launch!

Holiday Inn Express launched three TV spots as part of its "Stay Smart" campaign. The well-known line, "No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night," remains an integral part of each ad. In one ad, a newborn baby, conceived at a Holiday Inn Express, cuts its own umbilical cord. A hard-core Cal Ripken Jr. fan faints in his presence at a book signing. Security doesn't ask if there's a doctor in the house, but if there's anyone who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the previous night. Watch it here. My favorite ad is "Rapper." A nerdy businessman is challenged to a freestyle rap battle. And he nails it. Out of all three ads, this is the must-watch. See it here. Fallon Minneapolis created the campaign.



Microsoft Xbox launched a TV and print campaign last week that makes me want to become a gamer. The spot promotes Fable 2, a game of choices where each decision brings players closer to a different destiny. If you commit evil acts, for instance, your character morphs into an evil-looking creature. The spot begins with a teenage boy eyeing a paper fortuneteller. He begins to use the fortuneteller and sees what his future may hold. The future is dark, disturbing and frightening. No pressure here. The spot ends with the boy making his decision and the Fable 2 logo popping onscreen. See the ad here. A print ad is equally enjoyable, showing a tavern full of the same man, although each man is distinctly different because of the path chosen throughout the game. See it here. T.A.G. SF created the campaign.

And I thought I was the only one that saved my running bibs. Saucony launched a print campaign in the November issues of Runner's World and Running Times that speaks to serious runners, recalling memorable moments before, during and post-run. One ad shows a woman weight-training, logging her miles in a journal and waiting in line for the porta-potty. "We know 26.2 is the short part. Because we run," reads the ad, seen here. Another ad shows a man stretching in the conference room, a cubicle full of running bibs and runners cheering on fellow runners. "We know runs end. But being a runner never stops," says the ad, seen here. Mechanica created the campaign and Optimedia handled the media buy.

Apple launched two new ads for its ever-awesome "Get a Mac" campaign. The V word is off-limits in the first ad, seen here. And by V word, I mean Vista. If the dreaded word is spoken, PC will bleep it out. And you have to love "Bean Counter." PC is spending his money on a combination of advertising and fixing Vista. The majority of the cash is marked for ad spending, however, which Mac questions. The ad ends with PC doling all his money into advertising. See the ad here. TBWA/Media Arts Lab created the campaign and handled the media buy.

The California Milk Advisory Board launched four TV spots starring cows auditioning to become the next Happy Cow. Think of it as "American Idol" for Happy Cows, for the winning cow will be determined by online votes submitted by you, the consumer. Voters can choose from Shelby, a British cow wanting to emerge from the fog; Alicia, a small-town cow looking to prove her friend wrong and move away from her annoying brother; Jenn, a sweet cow who's overshadowed by her stage cow mom; and Kirsten, a cow looking to live in a warmer climate. See the ads here, here, here and here. Online voting ends Sept. 30, 2009, with new ads featuring the winning cow to follow. Deutsch LA created the campaign.

The Atlantic launched a great print campaign that targets both consumers and the media industry with thought-provoking questions posed in past and present issues of the magazine. "Is Google Making Us Stupid," "Is Porn Adultery," "Should Women Settle" and "Which Religion Will Win," are only a handful of the questions asked by the pub, which directs consumers to a microsite that contains the print ads and videos that capture people's answers to the questions posed. "Think. Again." concludes the ads, seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Euro RSCG New York created the campaign and Cleverworks Media handled the media buy.

A dance-off between rival cars? I love it. Nissan Europe is launching new models of its Murano and Qashqai+2 this fall and positioned the two cars as dueling gangs cohabiting the same city in a 60-second spot airing in 25 European countries. Nissan Crossovers describes the Murano as refined compared to the quick and agile Qashqai. The dance-off is well choreographed, with apparent nods to American musicals. See the ad here, created by TBWA/G1 and TBWA/Paris.

AT&T launched a humorous outdoor campaign depicting reasons to use its online directory. A "handyman" could fix an uneven billboard -- while typing "pest control" could help rid a sign of hungry varmints. See the ads here and here. The "Need Something?" campaign is running nationally and GSD&M Idea City handled all aspects of the campaign.

It's amazing what a razor can do to a man's face. In a series of print ads for Braun, animals evolve into men in a mere five minutes. The best part of "Five Minute Evolution" is the eerie resemblance that each man has to his primate partner. Especially the man and the monkey. "Brings out the human in men," read the ads, seen here, here, here and here. BBDO Dusseldorf created the campaign.

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