Trouser Snakes

RAM-Trouser SnakesIf it takes a donkey named Ramon, a blinged-out sock puppet and a trout to generate some online buzz for Levi's ever-popular 501 jeans, then so be it. Especially if they're peeking out of the denim's wide-open fly.

Last month, the American clothier launched its "Unbutton Your Beast" microsite,, which allows users to customize e-cards featuring various talking creatures. As it happens, the creatures live in the crotches of select pairs of Levi's 501s and lunge out at you once you hit Play.

Of course, the site, created by agency EVB, invited criticism (hammered home by the "Live Unbuttoned" tagline). More concerning, however, is Levi's standard e-card message for the cards, which reads thus: "There's something I've been meaning to tell you, but I don't want to freak you out. That's why I'm sending my beast to do my dirty work."

Rather than the intended double entendre, the message instead brings to mind's e-cards, which allow those with STDs to discreetly warn their partners to get tested: "I hate to tell you this. ... You may have been exposed to STDs. Please get checked soon." Perhaps a brand-new pair of 501s would lessen the blow?
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