I Just Love Your Flashy Ways

This had to be the best pitch we got all month: “I found you can hypnotize yourself if you stare at the creative long enough.” This came courtesy of Dana Mellecker at iCrossing, in reference to the company’s launch of the Vail Resorts Web site,

The site’s heavy with Flash (the slowly panning snow scenes are what draws in powder daydreamers) without sacrificing search engine visibility. Next, iCrossing will roll out a paid search and display media campaign. “ is an example of how research, search, creative and technology can all come together to connect users with a brand,” says Don Scales, president and CEO. “By understanding how vacationers seek information, we were able to deliver an online experience that exactly matches their individual needs.”

But really, if you just stare at the site long enough, you’ll hypnotize yourself.
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