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Top 10 Gadgets You Won't Be Buying This Christmas

  •, Friday, October 31, 2008 11 AM
Conditions are ripe for an abjectly terrible holiday shopping season, so forget your top 10 lists of big sellers. is already touting the 10 tech gadgets most likely to register as huge flops this holiday season.

At the top of the list is the TMobile G1, or the "Google Phone." Despite the hype, design flaws and clunky operation will keep this "iPhone killer" from living up to the name. Also making the list is Elmo Live, the latest attempt from Fisher-Price to cash in on the sensation that was Tickle Me Elmo. Unfortunately, for $65, this chatty, gesticulating little monster isn't likely to catch on with even the most ardent Sesame Street fan.

Rounding out the list is Microsoft's Vista (do people really give operating systems as Christmas gifts?) and Zune, Apple's MacBook Air, EA's highly anticipated Spore, and Blue-Ray DVD players. Better luck next year, guys.



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