iPhone Accounts For 10% of U.S. Mobile Ad Requests

  • December 19, 2008
The iPhone generated nearly 10% of mobile ad requests in the U.S. last month, more than any other device, according to AdMob's latest mobile metrics report.

The iPhone accounted for 6.3% of ad requests worldwide, and ad requests from the Apple device increased 52% to 359 million in November.

Overall ad requests globally, however, were flat at 5.8 billion because of a 30% decrease in mobile inventory in Indonesia. AdMob also reported that T-Mobile's Android-powered G1 generated 15 million requests in November, only a few months after launching. It already represents 7% of all T-Mobile data traffic.

WiFi is becoming a growing method of connection for mobile users. AdMob said 8% of U.S.-based ad requests were made over a WiFi network, compared to 3% in August.--Mark Walsh



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