Putting the Mob in Mobile

FOB: Putting the Mob in MobileApple once again proved its ability to single-handedly incite the tech-geek blogosphere just by - well, saying nothing, actually. This time, it was the incessant rumor (still unconfirmed at press time, though very likely indeed) that the behemoth had reached an agreement with Wal-Mart to sell the iPhone at both its eponymous chain of big-box stores as well as at Sam's Club retailers. Rumormongers suggested the phone would be discounted for mass consumption by middle America; possible prices strewn about ranged from $99 for a 4G-byte iPhone to $297 for a 16G-byte version. Who better to usher in an era of democratization of mobile products and communications connectivity than Wal-Mart? When your phones are sold at the same place where the sweaty unwashed masses can buy groceries, get a lube job and then feast on a McDonald's Happy Meal, no longer is your brand top-shelf. Let's just hope no one gets killed for a heckuva deal this time.
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