Out To Launch: Super Bowl edition

What you are reading is not a test. And it's not Wednesday, either. Out to Launch goes daily this week because of a little thing called the Super Bowl. Excited yet? Let's launch!

You can always bank on a heavy usage of animals in Super Bowl ads. Pedigree dog food is making its Super Bowl debut in the first quarter and, surprisingly, not a single dog is in the ad. A rhinoceros, ostrich, boar and water buffalo take the place of a family dog in "Crazy Pets." Families participate in everyday activities that are aptly suited for dogs, with their wild animal pets instead. A rhino does not want to wear a leash when being walked; an ostrich prevents a mailman from making his delivery; a boar is not an ideal close-quarter travel companion; and a water buffalo cannot catch a Frisbee. The spot draws attention to the Pedigree Adoption Drive, now in its fifth year, which encourages dog adoption. See the ad here. I think it's a cute, light-hearted ad, ideal for the Super Bowl, and a decent execution from a brand making its big-game debut. Behind-the-scenes videos can be watched at TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles created the ad.


advertisement returns to the big game with a 60-second ad running in the third quarter. The ad plays out like the "Twelve Days of Christmas," by naming a clue that signifies a reason why an unhappy worker should look for a new job. Each time a new clue is mentioned, the ad replays the aforementioned signs. Do you cry in public? Do your co-workers publicly berate you? Sit next to a Speedo-wearing co-worker who picks his toe jam? Have the urge to punch cute animals? Not even talking koalas deserve the abuse. If you nodded yes to any of these questions, then it's time for a change. The spot humorously acts out those scenarios and others, ending with a lone man who has no use for Because he's so wealthy, his staff uses bars of gold to make a "mineral" milkshake. I loved the man's gold moustache, but you'd need more than a blender to liquefy gold. See the ad here. An interactive element launched today that allows caring friends to send anonymous tips to friends who are unhappy in their present job. Select one of four extreme characters to serve as messenger to your friend. Write your own nugget of advice or choose a pre-written snippet like, "As Mozart was to classical music, you are to Q4 spreadsheets. You should show off your talents more." Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the campaign.

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