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  • Media All Star: Clint Simpson in Online All Stars on 01/19/2018

    The self-described "data-driven" executive's 20 years of experience here and in APAC and Australia for UM, Carat and others, has paid off handsomely for the world's largest digital agency.

  • Media All Star: Michael Epstein in Online All Stars on 01/19/2018

    The Carat USA CEO's hypersonic ascent -- he came on board as Carat's first chief strategy officer from Mindshare barely four years ago -- has been fueled by his flair for innovation and the conviction that "people-based marketing" is the key to ongoing success.

  • Creative All Star: Sarah Hofstetter in Online All Stars on 01/19/2018

    Fearless and agile, 360i's leader Sarah Hofstetter has shown a singular flair for developing novel solutions to business problems and imaginative efforts that capitalize on client opportunities.

  • Creative All Star: Alex Bogusky in Online All Stars on 01/06/2017

    Alex Bogusky. What just went on in your head when you read those words? Envy, perhaps? Admiration? No doubt a confusing mix of love and hate as well. Advertising loves its heroes. However, few of them are compared in gushing magazine articles to Jesus, or described in the blog of a fellow creative director as a "demi-god of advertising." But Bogusky was.

  • Mobile Agency of the Year: The Media Kitchen in Agency of the Year on 01/19/2016

    By 2020, 80 percent of adults on earth will have a smartphone. The Media Kitchen probably won't have campaigns running on every one of those devices. Probably. Seldom does one see a shop pursue expertise and thought leadership in a space with such relentless enthusiasm as the Kitchen has with mobile. Its executives are all over the trade press talking mobile strategy and tactics, and evangelizing for movable media. And its work in the space for clients such as Goldman Sachs, and Just For Men broke new ground.

  • Executive of the Year: Steve Farella, Assembly in Agency of the Year on 12/16/2014

    In a career that spans decades in chronological time but epochs in media buying and planning history, Steve Farella, chairman of MDC Partners' Assembly, has mastered the intricacies of his craft with a grace and infectious enthusiasm that belies how difficult it is to pull off what he's accomplished.

  • Agency of the Year, Best Creative: SapientNitro in OMMA Magazine on 01/09/2014

    If you want to experience firsthand how SapientNitro is different from other agencies, wait until you're thirsty, seek out one of their smile-activated vending machines, stand in front of it, and grin. You will be rewarded by a dispensed can of soda, so you literally drink in the difference.

  • Online All Star: Michael Donnelly in OMMA Magazine Supplement on 09/24/2013

    The best business decision MasterCard Senior Vice President and Group Head of Global Digital Marketing Michael Donnelly ever made, he says, was "doubling down" on digital marketing as a career specialty.

  • Independent Media Services: Horizon Media in Media Magazine on 01/10/2012

    Not many media agency chief executives would have the self-confidence to star in a funny online video celebrating the win of an "intriguing person" award and, perfectly deadpan, introduce his "partner," Little Bill, an action figure version of himself in matching grey suit and red tie. And few would honor a photographer's request to stand on a conference room table, immaculate in formal business suit, for a shoot celebrating an Agency of the Year award. Hard to imagine any other media head doing either of those things. Irwin Gotlieb? Seriously. Laura Desmond? Surely not. But Horizon Media Founder, president and CEO Bill Koenigsberg did. Still, the whimsy is buttressed by substantive industry thought leadership. Koenigsberg also serves as Chairman of the 4A's influential Media Policy Committee and Horizon is usually among the first adopters of new communications theories and practices. The head of the largest independent media services agency in the world never worries about what his shareholders will say. He doesn't have any.

  • Creative: Starcom USA in Media Magazine on 01/10/2012

    Starcom USA has historically been the media agency other American media agencies want to be. There's that famous Midwestern buttoned-downess. That constant success in reviews. The deep and talented bench that makes management succession seem almost effortless. The industry leadership. The ongoing awards and honors. Its campaigns are always state-of-the-industry, its metrics always a step ahead. But none of those elements are the shop's secret sauce. The real difference maker is that Starcom USA has, if you will, a creative impulse. The Publicis unit brings a unique drive to the media space, a restless urge to innovate, to explore, to experiment. Every shop has had to rethink itself, but even before digital changed everything, Starcom was constantly tinkering with its processes and structures, looking for new ways to define its mission and its team and to deliver for its clients.

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