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Jaffer Ali

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We are an online retailer that uses video to create a shopping experience for consumers. We inventory all our product and ship from our own warehouse.

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  • Driving In The Rear-View Mirror  in Online Media Daily on 09/16/2009

    If you don't see that the online media ecosystem is in distress, then you're just not paying attention. Click-through rates, according to DoubleClick, have crashed, plummeted, descended (insert your description of abysmal failure here) to less than .1%.

  • The Audience In The Media Ecosystem in Online Media Daily on 09/09/2009

    In a media ecosystem, we have content creators, publishers/media owners, networks, agencies, advertisers and of course the audience. If the ecosystem is healthy, the audience eventually gets transformed into happy customers.

  • A Brand's-Eye View of Behavioral Targeting in Online Media Daily on 08/20/2009

    As click through rates, according to Doubleclick, have cratered at .1% on an industry average, everybody is looking for a solution to the performance crisis befalling our industry.

  • Behavioral Targeting: Putting Lipstick on a Pig in Online Media Daily on 08/10/2009

    The term "lipstick on a pig" has been used in one variation or another from the mid 16th century and used most recently by the Obama folks to describe John McCain's presidential campaign. The reference is to make something appear more beautiful than it really is or to make something useless appear useful.

  • An Advertiser's Guide To Video Snacking  in Video Insider on 06/02/2009

    "Video snacking" is already a frequently invoked term in online video circles, despite some marked differences in how it's used. For example, while some use the term to describe the kind or length of video being consumed, others use it to describe a kind of random online behavior. This article defines video snacking as a behavior: what happens when we watch a video that we encounter by chance while surfing the Web, or when we receive an unsolicited video link forwarded from a friend, etc.

  • When Will Major Brands Flock to User-Generated Video Content?  in Online Media Daily on 11/22/2006

    So when will major brands flock to user-generated content? With almost 100 percent metaphysical certainty, I believe that major brands will NEVER embrace the broad, generic industry of user-generated video. NEVER!

  • Does Pre-Roll Video Change Traditional Online Media Buying? in Online Media Daily on 11/18/2005

    The way that pre-roll advertising is bought and sold must be radically changed.

  • Are Text and Context Ruling the Roost? in Online Media Daily on 04/06/2004

    The hottest space in online advertising is search engine marketing. Google is about to go public and have a market capitalization that will be the envy of just about all online media companies this side of Pluto.

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  • The Chaos Theory Of Marketing by Gord Hotchkiss (Online Spin on 03/14/2017)

    Crisp thinking...Thanks.- Jaffer

  • Who Moved My Digital Inventory? by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 08/29/2016)

    Yes Ed, I was referring to digital media...sorry for the confusion.

  • Who Moved My Digital Inventory? by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 08/29/2016)

    Media is following what I term, "Moore's Law of Media"... with suppllies doubling every 12 months. Data is the new media (at minimum, "potential media"....we have alwasy been on both sides of the media equation, buying and we are BUYING...It has NEVER been a better time to be an online marketer. The media cartel (large owners) cannot hide supplies and can talk all they want about no avails, but this is hog wash. Unsold media is near 90%! 

  • Stephen Colbert In Search Of Self by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 08/01/2016)

    Marlon Brando also received a similar notice when he played "The Godfather" in a non Paamount film.... Petty jackasses abound.

  • Top 10 Bedrock Principles Built On Marketing Sand by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 03/07/2016)

    uh...Bob, debt is texic...due to interest. The ancient wisdom traditions knew it. Long term debt is toxic due to compound interest. I am speaking for people with large mortgages. (see mortgage crisis). The notion that American households are not burdened with debt is not a sustainable thought...has nothign to do with politics...just ecoomic health. Student debt, credit card debt, mortgage debt....we haev an economy built on debt and that is not sustainable. Business schools are ashsole MBA programs that do not teach real business. MBAs are largely ignorant folks with diplomas...I would not look to them for guidance.

  • The Simplicity Imperative by Ted McConnell (Online Spin on 02/25/2016)

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” The online media and marketing industry is awash in charlatans and idiots who seek to complexify. We now have computer engineers in charge of marketing and they never sold a thing in their lives. Ted, you nailed it. - Jaffer

  • Programmatic TV: In Their Own Words by Mitch Oscar and Charlene Weisler (Audience Buying Insider on 07/24/2015)

    The value proposition leans overwhelmingly toward the media owner...not the marketer. Marketers are being hoodwinked into paying more and more for less and less...with "targeting" the main culprit. It is that way with online media (which is as close to worthless as you will find) and this obsession is being sold to unwitting marketers who believe what they read. Available Media is approximately doubling every 18 months (A corollary to Moore's Law) while demand increases ...what, 12% in that time period? So media owners and service providers are trying to sweep away the crashing CPM tide with a programattic broom. This will not be sustainable as marketers learn that they are being bamboozled.

  • The Best Email I Ever Received by Kara Trivunovic (Email Insider Europe on 07/23/2015)

    Kara...80% chance of converting? I think you misspoke. The cocktail napkin with lipstick given to the right person at the right time would not have an 80% conversion rate...but of those that did convert, 80% of the REASONS they converted could be attributed (in you rmodel) to the right person at the right time...I believe it is slightly overstated, but the general import of the post is directionally correct. This is a slight play from the age-old direct marketing directive that all marketing was a combination of CREATIVE- MEDIA-OFFER. What you and your former boss did was bifurcate the media into audience + time.

  • Electricity Poised To Be Biggest Ad Medium In 2016 by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 07/23/2015)

    Excellent post Dave...and a welcomed respite from the silliness of Big Data.

  • Adfellas by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 07/06/2015)

    Bob, the greatest "secret" in the media environment (especially online) is the AMOUNT of supply. Try finding out how many trillions of pageviews are served monthly... Also, try locating how much unsold ad space exists. All trades and research fraudsters measure demand, not supply. Then see what media owners are doing to maintain ridiculous TV CPMs...Getting into Big Data, another fraudster methodology. Check out Yeats, "Second Coming": 

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