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Jason Krebs

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  • Chief Business Officer Tenor/Google
  • Twitter: @jasonkrebs
  • 1 Zoe Street
  • San Francisco California
  • 10018 USA

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  • Why Truth In Reporting Matters in Publishers Daily on 03/22/2018

    The clear and aggressive attacks on a free press are alarming and are causing real damage to the public trust. When people believe information posited as fact isn't true, they avoid those sources of news - and all legitimate news outlets. That means they'll opt out of some ad-supported media, which will have a calamitous effect on democracy and capitalism.

  • Sales Isn't Always A Contact Sport in Publishing Insider on 03/07/2013

    I remember when someone first presented the idea of "flag" football to me. My first thought was, "Why?" If I'm not risking a broken bone -- or, more importantly, striking fear in the hearts of others -- what's the point? Where's the excitement if there's no contact? Similarly, a connection is required to make sales happen. However, that connection does not have to be preordained.

  • Woe The Digital Sale: What Happens To ROS? in Publishing Insider on 12/06/2012

    Question from a buyer: With viewable impression standards coming as a soon-to-be reality, why would premium sites even have "run of site," as the ROS impressions go into the exchanges for real-time bidding anyway?

  • Woe The Digital Sale: Proper Storm Behavior  in Publishing Insider on 11/08/2012

    Question from a seller: We have a dramatic increase in page views because of the recent hurricane. That caused a spike in impressions, and many campaigns fulfilled earlier than their scheduled end dates. What should I say to those clients?

  • Woe The Digital Sale: Data Domination in Publishing Insider on 10/11/2012

    Question from a buyer: It seems lately I'm finding it harder to justify buying inventory on premium content sites. So many options exist to buy audiences based on data; I wonder if the content around an ad really matters any more. And the premium sites tell me that they can use data so that is like an endorsement. Is reaching audiences through data the only way to go now?

  • Woe The Digital Sale: Where's The Business? in Publishing Insider on 09/13/2012

    Question from a digital seller: I was expecting a bit more action before fall hit, but it doesn't seem like my deals are coming through. Last year was easier than this, and I thought the economy was better now. Why am I having so much trouble closing?

  • Woe The Digital Sale: Summer's Gone? in Publishing Insider on 08/16/2012

    Question from a digital seller: It seems like every year I expect to see some kind of summer slowdown where I can gear up for Q4; didn't happen again. Are we getting ready for a big end to the year for digital advertising?

  • Woe the Digital Sale: Consolidation -- What's In It For Me? in Publishing Insider on 07/19/2012

    Question from a digital media salesperson: "So now that Dentsu is buying Aegis, that leaves five companies controlling the majority of all media spend in the world. Should we be changing how we sell advertising, since the buying side is now so concentrated?

  • Woe The Digital Sale: What Does 'Viewable' Mean, Anyway? in Publishing Insider on 06/21/2012

    Question from a salesperson: I won't say that I've been guilty of burying impressions at the bottom of our pages, but I certainly haven't forced everything to the top either. Is the recent news about "viewable impressions" going to help or hurt the business?

  • Woe The Digital Sale: What About Those Upfront Dollars?  in Publishing Insider on 05/31/2012

    Question from an advertiser: So I have more and more digital sellers asking me for upfront dollars. How do I explain to them that they aren't getting any?

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