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Bill Harvey

Member since July 2005Contact Bill

  • Vice Chairman, Chief Research Officer TRA, Inc.
  • 52 Vanderbilt Avenue
  • 17th Floor
  • New York New York
  • 10017 USA

research, optimization, strategic consulting specializing in the new media

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  • A Tribute To Gale Metzger (By Some Of His Many Friends) in MediaDailyNews on 03/17/2020

    Gale Metzger was one of the most brilliant people ever to work at Nielsen. Former head of NBC research Nick Schiavone, and a well-known critic of Nielsen, said "It's hard to remember anyone with 'Babe Ruth' status at Nielsen with the exception of Arthur Nielsen Sr. & Jr., Gale Metzger, Ed Schillmoeller and Erwin Ephron."

  • The Media Landscape Has Changed. Have You? in Marketing Daily on 12/10/2014

    Remember when HBO owned Sunday nights with shows like "The Sopranos" and "Sex in the City?" Times have changed and the notion of "owning" a night of the week feels as old fashioned as a pair of rabbit-ear antennae on an old black-and-white TV set.

  • Digital Integration of Media, Advertising, Gaming, and Philanthropy in Future of Media on 09/24/2012

  • Naturally Occurring Data  in TV Board on 05/16/2012

    Over a half century ago, TV measurement was invented. Advertisers wanted to know whether their TV ads were effective. How to define "effective"? The ultimate answer: Did the ads drive consumers to action, to buy the product or service being advertised? This kind of detailed information was simply not available, so the industry settled for a weak proxy: Were my ads even seen? A sampling system was set up to monitor if the TV program was watched by a small number of panelists who had an "opportunity to see" the ads And these panelists had to be actively engaged, raising all kinds of biases.

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