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Romain Job

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Smart AdServer is the only independent full-stack ad technology platform in programmatic and direct sales dedicated to the sell side. Romain Job joined the company in April 2007 as a Sales Engineer for France. In 2009, he assumed official responsibility for the German as well as the Central and Eastern European regions. In 2014, he became the US Regional Manager. Romain formerly held a Sales position for the web analytic company AT Internet and co-founded a wind energy consulting company. Romain obtained a master's degree in Engineering from École Centrale de Nantes and a master's degree in Marketing from IAE in Nantes, France.

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  • What Is Server-to-Server Header Bidding? in Publishers Daily on 03/21/2017

    Header bidding has been a boon for publishers looking to maximize ad revenue by exposing their inventory to as many bidders as possible. But, as with any other advance, there's a downside -- including latency and lack of control for publishers. It's no wonder that publishers have been looking for improvements, if not alternatives. And the most salient enhancement is server-to-server connections, which takes the bidding process off a user's browser his approach sounds appealing from a tech perspective.

  • Moving Toward A Holistic Approach: Yield Management & Header Bidding in Real-Time Daily on 08/12/2016

    The past months have seen a lively discussion about holistic yield management (HYM) and header bidding (HB). Let's outline the differences.

  • Facebook's Ad-Server Exit Ominous Signal For Publishers  in Real-Time Daily on 02/25/2016

    Facebook's recent decision to exit the ad-server market may seem like little more than a simple business decision. There is no doubt that the ad-serving business is far too small for Facebook. In the long run, though, its decision will jeopardize ad revenue for publishers of all sizes.

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  • Vertical In-App Mobile Video Ads Offer Greater Impact by Tobi Elkin (RTBlog on 05/23/2016)

    @Andrew: as an alternative to spending time and money working with video editing, you can also use the right technology partner to automatically create the vertical experience from any video content. See our gallery.

  • In-App Native Advertising Is Soaring by Gavin O'Malley (Mobile Marketing Daily on 04/05/2016)

    Great insight! There is a great brand advertising opportunity through in app advertising and the lack of awareness around existing ad technology is indeed one ot the main obstacle to a faster growth on that market. Native video is probably the biggest short term opportunity. A few major app providers in the social media space well undertood that...Also in app advertising innnovation has to be publisher driven: succesful ads take full benefit from the in depth content experience an app can offer and it requires a true involvment from the publisher. Our experience is that working side by side with a publisher we can make great things happen, with big impact for brands and significant revenue for app publishers.

  • Will Header Bidding Go Away If Google Makes A Change? by Tobi Elkin (RTBlog on 02/26/2016)

    Google is probably monitoring this topic closely and as everybody I'd be curious to know the impact on AdX. This being I doubt that their revenue is really harmed as long as DFP tags remains on the site.The market is moving rapidly to programmatic guaranteed and header bidding is just unable to solve that topic: the lion share of the advertising revenue (= premium branding ads) still needs to be operated from a publisher ad server and it's probably what Google desperatly wants to keep in DFP.

  • About Half Of Agencies 'Unsure' They Trust Programmatic by Tyler Loechner (Programmatic Insider on 09/03/2015)

    Interesting: 46% is probably a good estimation of the junk traffic running on the mainstream exchange. There is a clear move toward quality today: buyers mostly don't trust blind inventory anymore, PMP and deal ID trading has grown massively and already represents most the the programmatic buys in term of spendings on our SSP  for instance.Agencies who have experienced programmatic have learned already and they now take a lot of care of where they source their inventory!

  • Are Publishers Trying To Juggle Too Much Ad Tech? by Tyler Loechner (Programmatic Insider on 08/20/2015)

    Really glad to read this as it confirms my first impression. I'm actually amazed by the ability of US publishers to implement so many vendors.It's not the case in Europe: to generate the same revenue, a Publisher in Europe tends to have a much smaller team and can not afford rellying on so many vendors.Integration is definitely the main focus if we want to more efficiency to publishers.

  • Programmatic Adoption Continues As Industry Shifts Attention To Quality by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 08/06/2015)

    Thanks for the great summary!I'm really surprised by the results on mobile programmatic: most of our mobile programmatic revenue already comes from mobile PMPs. Volumes and CPM are high and it keeps growing. Not really in line with the comments in this study.

  • Who Said Publishers Don't 'Get' Tech? by Kirk McDonald (Publishing Insider on 03/14/2013)

    Great post Kirk, I agree that publishers definitly need more than a vendor. "most publishers now understand tech sufficiently enough to realize that they don’t need to become a technology company" My experience shows that many of them are willing to invest in tech, but can not do it today (too expensive apart for Facebook & co...). Then I'm really curious about what will happen in the publishing industry around the data management system (Big Data clusters, eCRM, etc.). Will they build their own infrastructure or buy?

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