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Steven Ustaris

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Steve leads ownerIQ's corporate and product marketing teams, as well as the sales planning function. He has been working in the digital advertising industry for nearly 20 years. Prior to ownerIQ he held positions at Aegis' Carat and WPP's Studiocom agency. Steve holds a BA in Marketing from Fairfield University

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  • The Advent Of Second-Party Data by Philip Rosenstein (RTBlog on 08/15/2016)

    Your definitions are spot on. But just for clarification - ownerIQ's solution is aligned with your definition of second-part data, i.e.- DIRECT and TRANSPARENT access to other advertisers/marketers data for marketing activation (see our published case studies here: There are cases, however, where our advertising clients are less interested in reaching the audience of one particular brand or retailer, and more interested in leveraging our entire "cloud" + decisioning engine to help them hit some backend conversion metric. We accommodate these use cases as well.

  • The Advent Of Second-Party Data by Philip Rosenstein (RTBlog on 08/15/2016)

    I totally agree. this is happening at scale. Slightly different from Krux's experience, at ownerIQ we see mainstream adoption mainly within business and orgs where there is an existing and symbiotic business relationship; i.e. retailers and suppliers, grocers and suppliers, manufacturers and OEMs. The same co-operative infrastructure, processes and culture they've created to historically share marketing assets has become the foundation for launching their second-party data strategies. However, I believe agencies are a bit behind. They still view the world of second-party data at the tactical level; i.e. - it is not a strategic channel, it is an advertising line item . They haven't created a system where they, on behalf of a brand, can identity potential data partners, develop and negotiate compensation packages, recruit and onboard these brands, measure and refine their brand's partner portfolio - and do it across their client portfolio at scale. But I believe eventually one large agency will embrace second-party data as a channel- then it'll accelerate within the other agencies.

  • Brands Lose Millions To 'Ad Collision' by Laurie Sullivan (Online Media Daily on 08/28/2012)

    Great insight in Kevin Lee's comments. We agree that 'ad collision' -or whatever you want to call it - occurs. But to assume that this is a 'bad' thing in all instances, especially when, as Kevin points out, there is data to suggest otherwise is self-serving. If this were true, then Media buyers should use this study as leverage to reduce costs of "roadblock" packages from publishers - b/c apparently having multiple ads on the same page is a bad thing

  • MTV Studies Millennials In The Workplace: Uses It To Transform Its Own, Maybe Even Yours by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 03/15/2012)

    Ironically, couldn't one make the argument that MTV's programming is one of the biggest contributors to Millennials' over inflated sense of self? i.e. - getting recognition for minimal talent and effort?

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