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Jed Meyer

Member since October 2004

  • SVP, Media Domain Leader Kantar
  • 3 WTC
  • New York New York
  • 10007 USA

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  • Consumers Most Receptive To Ads On TikTok, Amazon, Instagram, Google: Kantar by Colin Kirkland (MediaDailyNews on 09/01/2021)

    Some great points, Ed – I’m broadly aligned. This study is exactly that: just impressions. I agree that the attitudes to the media vehicle will be linked to their attitudes to the ads, but last year’s Media Reactions study showed that they are not the same. People can like a media brand for the content it provides but dislike the advertising there, or vice versa. I also agree that the campaign and the campaign creative are king. Also agree that advertisers don’t and also shouldn’t make their media selection decisions solely based on this research. That is not the intent – this is an additional input to sit alongside the fundamentals of media planning (audience, cost, brand effectiveness and ROI data). However, at Kantar, we have validated that our ad equity metric is linked to brand effectiveness (receptive audiences across TV, digital and OOH contexts generally respond better to ads in those contexts). I also believe in the concept of “medium as message”, and I think generalized studies like this one do have an important potential role to play there. The pairing of advertiser brand to media brand is rarely based on much more than gut feel, and studies like this one can bring some greater discipline to that matchmaking process.

  • Who Should We Endorse And Why? by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 10/26/2020)

    Joe - I really enjoy your coverage of the media landscape, but think it would be a mistake to make an endorsement.  Stick to your knitting - covering media.  There is plenty of sources for opinion writing out there and your readers know where to go to get those perspectives.  I doubt that any endorsement that you might potentially make will sway anyone and it will only cause people to view your future reporting & coverage as potentially biased.

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