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Zach Oscar

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I am a lifelong gamer. The gaming industry is not only the basis of my professional career, but also a personal passion and the core of my relationships with close friends. I love working with others to continue to give back to an industry that gives me so much to enjoy every day. Over the past 4+ years, I have dedicated my time to aiding the business side of the gaming & esports industries. My specialties lie in influencer marketing, partnerships & sponsorships, and general education around what "gaming" looks like for brands and marketers.

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  • Mythbusters: LinkedIn Edition by Zach Oscar (MediaDailyNews on 03/15/2024)

    Hey Carol! Appreciate the experience of you & your son. I'm always glad to hear about excitement around these kinds of things. Do you think it brought your son closer to the brand/increased his desire to engage with McDonalds outside of the game? Earning Robux is also a good way to encourage these kinds of collaborations, but as mentioned I do find the Robux to USD conversion rate a little alarming.

  • Addressing Social Issues In Gaming And Esports: A Work In Progress by Zach Oscar (Digital News Daily on 10/06/2020)

    Hey Dan,Seems like you didn't read very closely (which is something you've done on other pieces of mine). I very directly said here are "some" of the companies addressing these issues that I wanted to highlight, and then closed my article by saying that I'm sure there's a lot more out there. Anyone truly educated on the space would know that there is barely any female gamer presence in the pro scene, naming Scarlet does not suddenly fix a lack of representation for women at the top of esports, and there is a LOT more work to be done. One or two women does not suddenly mean that women are represented, and women staff does not mean they are part of esports competitions. So many women have written about their lack of presence in gaming/esports that I wonder why you, as a man, feel like you can say that they are adequately represented!Also, never does this article conflate gaming with esports. I discuss esports initiatives and gaming initiatives separately. And as for the levies and fines you discuss, how come Riot Games had a massive lawsuit over female complaints of sexism at work? The existance of those levies and fines doesn't fix the problems.Hopefully, you will stop pretending you read these pieces when you comment, so as to stop genuinely mischaracterizing/ignoring the reality of my written statements.

  • What VENN Launch Means For Gamers And Advertisers by (Digital News Daily on 07/28/2020)

    Hey Dan. I agree with you that corporate manufacturing of content that excites an audience is very difficult and will likely be VENN's greatest challenge. As I mentioned in the article, personalities like Ninja, the world's largest video game streamer, brought very little of his audience with him to Mixer despite his following. While free access and distribution are not new to gaming, they are new to streaming culture, which has more recently focused on exclusivity contracts. Can you name any streamers who livestream on multiple platforms at the same time? Seems like VENN might be able to do something new with that.Also, I'd say video gaming culture is very much a real thing. FaZe Clan and 100 Thieves, to name two examples, have become major esports teams and massive lifestyle brands through their streetwear clothing - both of which started out as gaming brands exclusively and became intertwined with pop culture trends, aka, video game culture. Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Herman Miller, Gucci, and more have engaged in partnerships with esports and gaming brands. Plus, with Marc Merrill (Co-Founder of Riot Games) and Mike Mohraime (Co-Founder of Blizzard Ent.) contributing to the funding of VENN, whose entire idea is built upon this intersection of gaming/pop culture/lifestyle, I'd bet they're not talking about something that doesn't exist!

  • The Latest Pull In The Video Game Streaming Tug-Of-War by (Digital News Daily on 02/05/2020)

    Thanks for reading Briana! The chart is in millions, but the quote by me is also correct from the same chart. While Mixer and Facebook only hit around 350 million, YouTube and Twitch hit into the billions. Hope that clarifies it.

  • Riot Games' Partnership With Louis Vuitton Shows The Future of Marketing In Gaming by (MediaDailyNews on 11/07/2019)

    Thanks John, really insightful.

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