Email Marketing Daily Editions for April 2018
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, April 16, 2018
Oath Tells Users It Is Scanning AOL and Yahoo Mail Emails
GDPR Means Deleting All Data On People Who Unsubscribe
Account-Based Email Attacks Are On The Rise
Cisco Adds Email Security To AMP Endpoint Platform
GM Launches Email Support Program For Dealers
DR Advertisers Should Welcome GDPR
California Net Neutrality Proposal Endorsed By Former FCC Chief
A Look Back: The Great AOL Outage Of 1996
Thousands Of Android Apps For Children May Violate Privacy Regs
Mobile and eCommerce Growth About Even
Call-To-Action Graphics: What Works In Email
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, April 13, 2018
Gmail Overhaul Includes Self-Destruct Option For Sensitive Emails
Restoring Trust To Email Marketing
Triggered Emails Are Not Just For E-commerce
15 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing
The Case For AI in Email Marketing
New Lead-Gen Feature Generates Notifications And Emails
Ireland's High Court Asks EU Court For Answers On Data Transfer
API Alert: SparkPost's Merrick On The New Technology Of Email
New Uber Breach Exposed Over 25 Million Email Addresses: FTC
Four Tech Firms Launch A GDPR Compliance Framework
Cracker Barrel Splits Messages To Reach Millennials, Gen Z
Facebook Drops Opposition To California Privacy Proposal
Content Marketing Surges, Tops $16 Billion Worldwide
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 12, 2018
U.S. Firms Fearful Of Some GDPR Risks, Study Finds
Storytelling in Email: A Dana-Farber Case Study
The Rules And Benefits Of Cold Email Marketing
Email Scammer Pleads Guilty In U.S. Court
Senators Grilling Zuckerberg Didn't Understand Facebook -- Or the Law, Critic Charges
GDPR Fuels Move Toward Private Cloud: Forrester
Shoppers' Hit List: What Turns Them On And Off Online
Higher Education Email Open And Click Rates Rose In 2017, Study Shows
Facebook Avoids Governmental Oversight
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 11, 2018
The Dark Side Of GDPR: Five Reasons Why It Hurts Email Marketers
Google Plans Gmail Redesign: Reports
Email Newsletters Leave A Lot To Be Desired
Valimail Debuts IDEA, Email Authentication Platform
Three Ways You May Be Spamming Your Email List
Congress Threatens Facebook With Regulations
The Benefit Of Pop-Up Newsletters
GDPR Pushes Up Demand For Data Privacy Officers
The Best Email Marketing Software: A Buyer's Guide
Pegasystems Launches GDPR Accelerator To Help With Compliance
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Barracuda Warns Of New Email Phishing Threat
Bodeaz Fitness Scores With April Fool's Email Prank
Sendwithus Launches Dyspatch, Email Platform For Enterprise Clients
Threatening Email To California School Was A Hoax, Officials Say
Charter CEO Calls For New Privacy Laws, Supports Opt-In Regime
Obscure Gmail Dots Can Be Used In Phishing
Ransomware Attacks Double This Year: Verizon
How The Changes At Facebook Will Affect 'Data Brokers'
Twitter Endorses 'Honest Ads Act'
Email History Lesson: Does Anyone Remember Teletex?
Hashed Email Addresses Do Not Protect Privacy: Author
SMBs Still Struggle With SEO, Paid Search
Members' Remorse: Facebook Users Say Their Data Is Unsafe
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, April 9, 2018
Microsoft Email And Office 365 Back After Global Outage
How To Build Email Lists With Social Media
UK's Royal Mail Fined For Sending Unwanted Emails
Email Personalization Strategies For Retailers
Cyren Enhances Its Email Scam Security Product
Why Are Retailers Getting A Free Pass On Data Breaches?
California's GDPR-Like Privacy Law Could Rewrite Digital Ad Rules
Facebook Told: Make GDPR Your Global Standard
Facebook Fails Again, Plans To Correct Messenger 'Unsend' Feature
The Benefits Of Email Transparency
How Blockchain May Be Used By Big Brands
Gartner Analyst: Marketers Struggling with Parts Of GDPR
Facebook Blasted By Myanmar Human Rights Groups
Blockchain Impacts On Marketing, Publishing Could Be Far-Reaching
Every Cloud Is Lined With Data: Why Marketing Adoption is Soaring
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, April 6, 2018
U.S. Seeks To Serve Summons In Bitcoin Case By Email
Missouri Governor Subpoenaed Over Use Of Charity Email List
Keeping Up With Can-Spam
Facebook Limits Search Features As Part Of API Shutdowns
Zuckerberg Continues Apology Tour Over Facebook, Cambridge Analytica Screwup
How To Build Your Email List With Giveaways
Which Is Better: Yahoo Mail Or Gmail? An Analysis
Brown Bagging It: Jim Fosina On Email And Replenishment Marketing
Next In Online Marketing
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 5, 2018
B2B Publisher IEEE GlobalSpec Launches GDPR Opt-In Campaign
The Body Shop Launches An Email Newsletter
Want Consumers To Engage With Your Brand? Teach Them How
How Two Brands Are Using Email Marketing
Facebook Now Estimates 87 Million Users Affected By Data Breach
A Guide To Creating Ecommerce Email Newsletters
Cyabra's Fake News Detector
An Evening With Mark Zuckerberg
More Than A Million British Facebook Users Were Victims Of CA Leak
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 4, 2018
OneSignal Rolls Out Email Synchronization Tool
Which? Says It Will Shut Down Its Email Service
UK Emailers Upbeat Despite Hurdles, DMA Study Shows
The Three P's Of Email Team-Building
MageMail Upgrades Its Magento Email Marketing Platform
Cambridge Analytica Mess Will Deepen Moats Around Walled Gardens Of Digital World
Reflektion Names Villeneuve President, Maqsood VP
Apple Hires Former Google Head Of AI
The Influence Of Affluencers
Facebook Face-off: What's It All Mean For Emailers?
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 3, 2018
SparkPost Brings Email Delivery Service To EU, Says It Is GDPR-Compliant
Biggest Isn't Always Best When Building An Email List
Email Marketers Achieve Three-Year High Open And Click Rates: Study
Suit Charges Firms Took Cat Toy Design And Sold Copy Through Email
EdgeResponse Offers Customized Email Sales Responses
15 Email Marketing Turnoffs
Email Tips For Nonprofit Associations
Global SEO, Paid-Search Challenges Increasing
Facebook's Changes To 'Partner Categories' Means Headaches For Marketers
Happy (Ecommerce) Birthday
Wait, Don't Go: Abandonment Emails Pull High Open Rates And Sales, Study Shows
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