Marketing D2C Weekly Editions for January 2022
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Jan. 31, 2022
Glossier And Peloton Stumble, Cut Jobs, Revaluate Strategies
New Retail Realities: Why Do People Still Shop At Stores?
Report: Price Hikes Spurred Wineries To Record D2C Numbers in 2021
Airbnb, Etsy Partner For Home Items
Design Sketch: How Email Marketing Improved Its Look In 2021
Open Season: Like Apple, Gmail Is Pre-Fetching Images, Inflating Open Rates
Metrics Merry-Go-Round: Automated Emails Dominated In 2021, But Some Numbers Fell
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Jan. 24, 2022
BarkBox Incites Next-Level Squirrel Warfare
Amazon To Open Real-Life Clothing Store
Study: In 'Retail Reset,' Stores Change Digital Directions
Stitch Fix Taps Venus Williams To Bust 'Gymtimidation'
'Instant Needs' Platform Gopuff Launches Private-Label Products
Email Nail Biter: Social Is A Close Second In Usage, And It's Growing, ANA Reports
In Their Facebook: Email Tops Social Channels In 2022 Usage Study
Content Royalty: Email Ranks Among Top B2B Channels, Behind Social
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Jan. 10, 2022
Billie, The Brazen Body-Hair Brand, Moves To Walmart
In First U.S. Campaign, Gymshark Goes For Aspirational Punch
CityRow HIITs the Omnichannel Marketing Machine
Easy Writer: Firm Claims Program Can Write Emails, Ads And Books
Roller-Coaster Roundup: Email Predictions And Tips For 2022
Working Through The Pain: How Top Brands Say Marketing Will Change In 2022
Gen Z Demystified: They're Social, And Not As Digitally Driven As Portrayed
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Jan. 3, 2022
D2C '21 Favorites? More Laughs, Stores, Media Strategies
Jewelry, Electronics, Apparel Sparkle This Season
More Is More...If the Supply Chain Holds Up: Resident Home's Deep Diversification Model
Personal Disappointment: Brands Are Only Somewhat Good At Personalization
Year In, Year Out: What Happened In Email In 2021 And What To Expect In 2022
Baked-In Bias: Whites Less Likely To Respond To Survey Emails Sent By Blacks
Surge And Splurge: Online Sales Rose By 11% During Holiday Period