Marketing Daily
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
  • Call Of Duty Offers Space Tours Via Facebook

    "As we approached the title's launch, we wanted to continue to take the game beyond the game, but take the storytelling to a new … Read the whole story

  • Candid Video, GIFs Capture 'Krispy Kreme Effect'

    The campaign includes no offer or direct-response promotions. And because the content is meant to be fun, the digital buy is almost exclusively opt-in … Read the whole story

  • Tourism Western Australia Crowdsources Campaign Assets

    Tourism Western Australia is calling on visitors and local residents to contribute to a campaign in what it is calling a "fundamental shift" in … Read the whole story

  • Marketers Rely Heavily On Data To Manage Agency Relationships

    The widespread and increasing use of data to help manage agency relationships is leading to more informed decision-making and improved efficiencies at both clients … Read the whole story

  • Exploiting Samsung Woes, Motorola Reintroduces Moto Phone

    Lenovo and Motorola are capitalizing on Samsung's battery exploding woes by introducing the "Skip the Sevens" campaign that suggests buyers bypass Apple's new 7 … Read the whole story