Marketing Politics Daily Editions for April 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, April 29, 2016
The Importance Of Harnessing Social Influencers For General Election
Former House Speaker John Boehner: Ted Cruz Is "Lucifer In The Flesh"
It's Complicated: Playing The 'Girls' Card
How Facebook Could Swing The 2016 Presidential Election
TV Or Not TV: Trump Was Natural Performer Long Before 'Apprentice'
Chocolate Maker Bakes Election Fever With Politically Themed Bars
Grey Canada Offers Americans A Way Out With 'The Trump Clause'
Google Urged: Drop Livestream Of GOP Confab
Senate Moves Forward On IoT Policy
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, April 28, 2016
Super Wednesday: Cruz Picks Fiorina, Trump Talks Foreign Policy, Sanders Starts To Wind Down
House Unanimously Favors Email Privacy Reform
Trump Tweet Causes 'Holiday Inn Express' To Trend
Need Help Picking A Presidential Candidate? Try VoterGuru.
Paul Ryan: We're All On The Same Page
GOP Senator Warns Of Changed Electoral Map With Trump Nomination
Mississippi Attorney General Withdraws Google Subpoena
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Clinton, Trump Poised To Win Respective Nominations
Cruz To Make Major Announcement
Trump: Clinton Wouldn't Get 5% Of The Vote If She Were A Man
Snapchat Battles Ban On Ballot Selfies
#NeverTrump Movement Stalls
Judicial Watch Claims State Department Withheld Document in Clinton Email Investigation
2016 Presidential Election Shifts From Cookies To Real Voters
'The Hill' Launches 'Energy & Environment' Magazine, Geared To Key Policy Players
Google Urges FCC To Unlock Cable Boxes, Says New Privacy Laws Not Needed
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Trump Makes False Pivot
Prince Wrote A Song About Donald Trump In the '90s
Northeast Primary Poised To Bolster Front-Runners
Democratic Billionaire To Spend $25 Million On Young Voter Turnout
Cruz And Kasich Campaign Apps May 'Leak' Users' Data
DOJ Obtains iPhone Password, Drops Request For Order Against Apple
Trump Card: Packaging Lessons From Politics, Hollywood
Email Privacy Bill Expected to Pass in the House Next Week
U.S. Government Asking Public About Its IoT Role
Gfk MRI Builds Political Ad Targeting Data Segments
FTC Wants Privacy Protections For 'Unlocked' Set-Top Boxes
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, April 25, 2016
DNC Philadelphia: Independence Hall And Enduring Constitutional Arguments
Charles Koch Likens Donald Trump To A Nazi
A Word About The Importance Of Words
Cruz, Kasich Officially Join Forces To Block Trump
Sanders Hopes To Shape Democrats' Agenda Post-Primaries
DOJ Obtains iPhone Password, Drops Request For Order Against Apple
Blondie Asks Obama To Help Musicians Vs.YouTube
Magazine Covers Enjoy A Trump Bump
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, April 22, 2016
The 'Authenticity' Tactic, Why Outsiders Are Increasingly Popular
RNC Member Floats Idea Selling Convention Rights To TV Stations
Will We Elect The Candidate Who Shouts the Loudest?
Sanders Admits Difficult Road To Nomination After New York Loss
Confirmation: The Smoking Gun Is Live!
Trump Weighs In On North Carolina Bathroom Law
Climate Change: New Causes Trump Environmentalism With Gen Z
Pennsylvania AG Used Private Email Accounts For Official Business
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, April 21, 2016
Donald Trump: The Quintessential Republican Candidate
Sanders Spent $46 Million In March
What MVP Von Miller and Donald Trump Have In Common This Year
Political Ad Spend On Digital To Increase Drastically In 2016
Obama Thinks Outside the Box
Cruz Desperate For New Donors After Heavy March Spending
Republican Ad Agency Gears Up For Elections With Rocket Fuel
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, April 20, 2016
The Great Media Election Battle of 2016
Clinton, Trump Win Big, Solidify Standing
'Boston Globe,' 'Motor Trend' Raise Eyebrows With Fake Covers
Some Voting Irregularities Found In New York State Primary
Americans Get News From Social Media, But Don't Trust It
Real-Time Advertising Helps Candidates Deal With Election Unpredictability
One Of Trump's Jets No Longer Registered With FAA
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Democrats In New York To Vote For Their Favorite New Yorker
Trump Remembers 7/11 Terrorist Attacks
Almost Half Of All Super PAC Money Comes From 50 Individual Donors
Both Parties' Front-Runners Increasingly Unpopular
Microsoft Relies on Europe's New Data Protection Rules to Fight US Gov
Bill Gates Supports Microsoft's Lawsuit Against US Gov
Supreme Court Won't Hear Authors' Challenge To Google Books
Verizon Lobbies FCC Against New Privacy Rules
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, April 18, 2016
Wild Primary And Caucus Season Foreshadows Turbulent Conventions
House Passes Anti-Net Neutrality Bill
Pro-Clinton Super PAC Prepares For Largest Digital Ad Buy Of The 2016 Cycle
White House Urges FCC To 'Unlock' Set-Top Boxes
Final New York Appeals From The Candidates
Trump Says He Might Oust RNC Chairman Priebus If He Wins The Nomination Pre-Convention
State Dept Strikes Deal With Conservative Group in Clinton Email Investigation
Microsoft Suing U.S. Government Over Email Privacy
Yo, Czech It Out
'New York Observer' Political Reporter Resigns Over Trump Endorsement
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