Marketing Politics Daily Editions for October 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Oct. 31, 2016
FBI's Comey Fires The Final October Surprise
Original 'Daily Girl' Features In Hillary Clinton Ad
The United States Of Facebook
Darrell Issa: If Clinton Asked, I'd Advise
Twitter's Currency Is Live And Political
Harry Reid Has Accused FBI Chief of Breaking the Law
Trump Blasts Social Sites For Not Trending Clinton Emails
5% of Democrats Admit They May Change Vote Over New Clinton Email Revelations
Earned Media Out Of Gas, Trump Now Spends Big On TV
FBI Granted Warrant To Search Weiner's Laptop For Clinton's Email
John Kerry Hasn't Heard From The FBI In New Clinton Investigation
Senator Seeks Industry-Led Security Standards
Judge Denies Criteo's Request To Serve Injunction Against SteelHouse
EU Officials Want WhatsApp To Stop Sharing Data With Facebook
WPP Growth Slows In The UK Post Brexit Vote
Facebook Unveils Election Feature
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Oct. 28, 2016
Clinton October Fundraising Stays Strong, Trump Dwindles
NEW! Create Your Own Anti-Trump Ad To Share On Social Media
Political Advertising Is Boon For Meredith Earnings
It's President Nasty Woman For Millennials And Younger
AT&T-Time Warner Merger Should Be Blocked, Bernie Sanders Tells DOJ
Trump Claims Releasing 'Access Hollywood' Tape Was Illegal
Y&R Examines Brand Affinities Of Trump, Clinton Supporters
Election Scaring Off Holiday Shoppers
Pence Plane Overshot Runway At LaGuardia
Trumping A TV Network: Self-promotion Would Be Trump's Biggest Ad Category
'Economist' Kicks Off DRTV Campaign In U.S.
Latest 'Epic Battle' Finally Pits Hillary Against Trump
Senate Panel Calls 'Wrong' Time Warner CEO To Testify
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016
Electoral Map Tightens For Trump
Justice Clarence Thomas: Washington Is 'Broken'
Michelle Obama To Join Hillary Clinton In North Carolina
Trump & Clinton Go Head to Head in the Inbox
Russian Government Official's Emails Hacked & Shared Online
Irish Privacy Group Fights EU-U.S. Data Partnership
National Broadcast Political Advertising Spend - Updated Daily
FCC Passes Broad Privacy Rules, Limits Behavioral Advertising By Broadband Providers
Bienvenue Au Canada
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016
Clinton's Final Ad Push, RNC Desperate To Retain Congress
Political Ads Found To Suppress Effectiveness of Brand Advertising
Voter Intimidation Planned At The Polls By Trump Supporters
Trump, Clinton Deploy 1988 Techniques, But With Modern Spin For Faster Results
Senator, FCC And Others Support FTC In Battle Over AT&T Data Throttling
6 Newspapers That Endorsed Donald Trump
Social Media Users Exhausted By Political Content
New Emails Reveal Tensions in Clinton Camp Over How to Handle Email Scandal
Ad Industry: FCC Shouldn't Break A Privacy Model That Works
Lawmakers Seek Answers On IoT Hacking
Better Health Care TV Ads? Finding Fun, New Consumer Targets
Appeals Court Sides Against MP3Tunes Over Key Question In Battle Over Pirated Music
How The West Continues To Win
DMA Wants Email Marketers' Views On Brexit
National Broadcast Political Advertising Spend - Updated Daily
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016
SurveyMonkey Launches Real-Time Electoral College Map
What's The Deal With Early Voting?
The Politicalization Of Television
New Ad Unit Captured Voter Sentiment In Real Time Post-Debate
America, You're Great (But You Might Be Surprised Why)
Airbnb Seeks To Block New Advertising Law In NY
Trump Launches Nightly Facebook Live Stream
Adelson's 'LVRJ' Gives Trump His First Big Newspaper Endorsement
Michael Moore Blasts Trump Supporters As "Legal Terrorists"
HBO Now May Not Survive AT&T-Time Warner Merger, Lawmaker Warns
Heathrow's Third Runway Is A Statement Of Intent -- The UK Is Open For Business Beyond The EU
Karl Rove Doesn't Think Trump Can Win
Ministers Give Third Runway At Heathrow The Green Light
News Publishers Says Press Regulator Approval For Impress Would Be 'An Attack On Free Speech'
FCC's Clyburn And Sen. Franken: Customers Should Have Right To Sue ISPs
AT&T Merger With Time Warner May Not Face FCC Review
National Broadcast Political Advertising Spend - Updated Daily
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Oct. 24, 2016
NEW! No Debate Over The Need For Solar Energy
Fake Fliers Claim Students Can Vote On Social Media
Obama's Digital Legacy Gives Democrats An Edge
Nasty Men, Napping Women
National Broadcast Political Advertising Spend - Updated Daily
President Obama Plans 150 Down-Ballot Endorsements
Gaming Engages Political Supporters Who Give And Give Again
Trump Campaign Manager: "We Are Behind"
What New FCC Restrictions Would An AT&T/Time Warner Deal Have?
FTC Urged To Crack Down On 'Influencer Marketing' Aimed At Kids
Trump Campaign Focuses On Must-Win Florida
Trump Hotels Ditches Name For New Sites
Spammers May Capitalize on U.S. Election
Russian Hackers Hacked Podesta's Email: SecureWorks
NY Governor Signs Law Restricting Ads On Airbnb
Canada Delivers An Inspiring Message To U.S.
Ad Industry Joins Forces With Federal Agencies To Combat Digital Crime
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Oct. 21, 2016
Third Presidential TV Debate Lures 71M Viewers
Clinton's Debate Performance Is Securing A Win
'Hyperpartisan' Facebook Pages Muddying Political Waters
The Greatest Native Advertising Campaign Of All Time
NEW! Guns Don't Kill People, Toddlers Do, Says The Brady Campaign
Political Voters Split Along Brand Preference Lines
Trump, Clinton Trade Jokes At White Tie Gala Dinner
Your Media, Voting Machines And Swamp Are Rigged. Rig Up a Funny-Looking TV New Net
Trump's National Political Director to Take A 'Step Back' From Campaign
The Royals' Queen Helena Finds Joy In Our Electoral Misery
Trump is Getting Into the Email Newsletter Business
Appeals Court To Decide Whether AT&T Will Face Class-Action Over Throttling
WikiLeaks Publishes Obama's Personal Email Address
Russian Hackers Hacked Podesta's Email: SecureWorks
UK Researchers Find Trump's Email Marketing Outperforms Clinton's
Yahoo Urges Feds To Disclose Whether They Ordered Email Scans
Former FCC Commissioner Backs Strong Privacy Rules
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016
Third Presidential Debate: Donald Trump Makes History
Google Trends - Debate: 'Is Bigly A Word?'
Trump Strengthens Anti-Hispanic Rhetoric Chastising "Bad Hombres"
Uncivil Warriors: Final Debate Was A Frosty Face-Off
The Honest Company Creates Line Of Election-Themed Diapers
House Republicans Ask For Money As Trump Starts To Slip
What Trump TV Will Mean For Advertisers
National Broadcast Political Advertising Spend - Updated Daily
Skittles Photographer Sues Trump
'Vogue' Breaks With Tradition, Endorses Clinton
AT&T Must Respond To FTC's Bid To Revive Throttling Battle
Eric Schmidt Did Work For Clinton Campaign, Per Email Released By WikiLeaks
Trump's Vanishing Entertainment Value
Tech Giants Spending Fortune On Washington Lobbyists
Broadband Must Be Subsidised For The Poor, Local Councils Say
Brexit Fears Could Lead To TV Ad Slump
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016
Will The 2016 Election Mess With Young Minds?
Trump's Email Engagement Drops After Tape Release
Trump's Campaign Manager Breaks With Trump Over Voter Fraud
NEW! Canadians To Americans: 'You're Already Great'
Donald Trump's Email Servers Are Insecure
National Broadcast Political Advertising Spend - Updated Daily
Ecuador Admits Restricting Assange's Internet Access
Apple Chief Was Considered as Clinton's VP Pick
US Government Reopens Irish Microsoft Email Case
Ofcom Dismisses 139 Allegations Of Media Bias Against Jeremy Corbyn
All Politics Is Personal: Boots On The Ground
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016
How Bad Was Donald Trump's Week, Really?
National Broadcast Political Advertising Spend - Updated Daily
Media Criticism From Trump Camp Becomes More Sinister
Election 2016: Rigged Or Reality Show?
NC Agency And Artists Rally Against Bathroom Bill
Carville Fundraising Email Says Trump Campaign 'Died'
Melania Trump Would Fight Social Media 'Negativity' As First Lady
Black Millennials: Social Media Influence Goes Mainstream
Peter Thiel Donates $1.25 Milion To Trump Campaign
Advocates Press FCC To 'Unlock' Cable Boxes, Pass Privacy Rules
Sen. Ayotte In Tense, Expensive Battle For New Hampshire Seat
State Dept. & FBI Clashed During Clinton Investigation Last Year
North Carolina Republication Party Official Reports Email Breach
Republican Fundraising Site Hacked
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