Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for May 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Opinion Done Wrong: Researchers Find Fox News Hurts Stay-At-Home Compliance
Studies Show Partisan Divide Over COVID-19's Lethality, Role Of Media Coverage
Restaurants Without Masks: What Are They Trying To Say?
New Bills Would Restrict Targeted Political Ads
'Washington Times' Overtakes The 'Examiner' As Nation's No. 2 Right-Wing News Site
Twitter Dodges Demands To Discipline Trump
NASA's First Manned Commercial Spaceflight Set To Launch
Healthcare Company And Its Agency Want A New 'Verified' Icon To Combat COVID-19 Fake News
Cover Story: A Picture Worth A Hundred Thousand Names Of Agate Type
Court Won't Reinstate Karate School Owner's Class-Action Against Google
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, May 20, 2020
You Can Fool 16% Of The People All Of The Time
Trump Wants Appeals Court To Intervene In First Amendment Fight With PEN America
Fox News Presses Judge To Throw Out Claims Over COVID-19 Commentary
North Dakota Readies Apple, Google COVID-19 Tracing App -- How They Did It
Supreme Court Won't Revive Terror Victims' Lawsuit Against Facebook
The Mother Of All Mood Swings
Consumers Feel Mental Health Has Deteriorated, Many Look To Brands For Help
'NYT' Launches 'Unfinished Work' Virtual Series, Focuses On Women's Rights
Relaxing Future Digital Rules For Legacy TV Station Owners
Schmidts Donate $4.7M To NPR To Create 2 Regional Newsrooms
Nigerian Cybercriminal Group Targets Eight States With COVID-19 Schemes: Report
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, May 13, 2020
When You're A Death Star, They Let You Grab Them By The Puss
White House Or Media: Americans Split Politically On Source Of 'Infodemic'
New Trump Campaign Ad: Making America Great Again, Again?
Republican COVID-19 Privacy Bill Draws More Criticism
The Showdown Between Smart And Stupid
Kremlin's Influence On Yandex During Lockdown Could Threaten Its Existence
Bill Would Prohibit Internet Disconnections During COVID-19 Pandemic
Fox News Extends Its Own Work-From-Home Directive, Despite Some Hosts' On-Air Messaging
Musk Battling Local Authorities Over Reopening Of Tesla Plant
Disney+ To Stream Broadway Hit 'Hamilton' July 3
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, May 5, 2020
It's Morons Again In America
'Fake News' President's 'Trust' Falls To Lowest Level Yet, Lags Biden 4-to-1
How The COVID-19 Crisis Is Impacting Trust In TV News Brands
Meat Woes Mount Following Presidential Order To Keep Plants Open
ABC TV Stations Start PSA Small Business Campaign, Local TV Bracing For Low Ad Revenues
Supreme Court Weighs Trademark Battle
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, May 1, 2020
When You're A Star, They Let You Grab Them By The Headlines
Republican Senators To Introduce COVID-19 Privacy Bill
It's Time To Restore The Dignity of Public Servants
Lawmakers Urge FCC To Inform Newly Jobless About Broadband Subsidies
Google-Apple Contact Tracing Plan Meets With Skepticism
Out-of-Home Data Finds Americans Continue Traveling More: +18% Miles Daily In Past Two Weeks
What If They Never Open The Cineplex Again?
It's Morning Again In America: Pandemic Transforms Daytime Into Prime-Time
4As Appoints New Government Relations Head
Nunes Suit Against 'Esquire' Should Be Dismissed
Google Can't Shake New Mexico Suit Over Children's Privacy
Are Deep Fake Ads Coming To Traditional TV?
CCPA Drives Surge In Consumer Privacy Requests In Q1: Study