Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for January 2023
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023
Say What You Want About David Cohen, At Least He Has An Ethos
ANA/4A's Blast IAB's 'Extremist' Rhetoric
Advertisers Shun Truth Social, Won't Curb Facebook Due To Trump Return
TikTok CEO To Testify On Capitol Hill
'Freedom Of Speech'? The U.S. Isn't India - Ask Elon Musk
Trigger Alert: They're Still Saying 'Colonial' On 'House Hunters'!
Run Rabbit Run: What One Analyst In China Predicts
Former Fox Executive Presses Senate To Confirm Sohn To FCC
News/Media Alliance Seeks New President-CEO
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Jan. 27, 2023
Why Brian Monahan Wants Us To Learn A New Language
DirecTV Adds A Different Conservative Network In Wake Of Newsmax Kerfuffle
Newsmax Says It Has Good 'Audience Share' - What Is That Exactly?
Older? Sure. Wiser? Debatable.
'Extremists' Aim To Wipe Out Ad Industry, IAB's Cohen Says
Senator Hawley Preps Bill To Ban TikTok
Google 'Corrupted' Ad-Tech Competition, Feds Claim In New Lawsuit
Does DOJ + GOOG = GO + OG?
Askin v. Programmatic
Google Presses Court To Nix Children's Privacy Claims
Bezos Tells CNN He Is Not Selling 'The Washington Post'
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Jan. 20, 2023
Peak Idiocracy?
TikTok Expands State-Controlled Media Label To 40 Global Markets
Trump Asks Meta To Restore Account
FEC Throws Out Republicans' Complaint Over Gmail Spam Filter
Why Is Twitter Doubling Down On Political Posts?
Ukrainian-Founded Media Company Surpasses 1 Trillion Views On YouTube
Law Professor Urges FTC To Regulate Ad-Tech
Misinformation Spreads From Weak Platform Policies, Not Users, USC-Led Study Suggests
Google Draws Support In Battle At Supreme Court Over Recommendations
Former NY Governor Cuomo Starts Ad-Free Podcast Company
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Jan. 13, 2023
The Little Known But Highly Influential Conspiracy Network On Your Programmatic Buys
Biden Seeks Restrictions On Data Collection, Online Targeting
Biden's Privacy Push Draws Mixed Reaction
Oregon Lawmaker Introduces Kids' Online Safety Code
Meta Institutes New Curbs On Targeted Ads To Teens
Most Teenagers Have Viewed Online Pornography, Some On Social Media
Vaccine Critics Sue News Organizations Over Efforts To Combat Misinformation
Internet Would Be 'Disorganized Mess' Without Recommendations, Google Tells SCOTUS
Google Urges Judge To Throw Out Antitrust Lawsuits Over Search Dominance
Prince Harry Produces Regal Ratings For CBS
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Jan. 6, 2023
The Leading Exporter Of Weapons Of Mass Disruption
Political Lift Research Could Be A Woke-Up Call For Many Brands, Especially Media Ones
Twitter To Lift Ban On Political Advertising
Most Right-Wing Websites Saw Their Traffic Fall In November
Barbara Walters: Regal, Dignified And Oh-So Tenacious
Biden Nominates Consumer Advocate Gigi Sohn To FCC - Again
TikTok Expands Safety Features For Teens
The TikTok Problem Continues
Group Urges Porn Sites To Follow Louisiana's Age Verification Law
Meta Fined $411M By European Data Protection Board For Behavioral Ads
Donald Trump Jr. Signs Podcast Deal With Rumble: Report