Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for July 2023
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, July 28, 2023
Biden Urges Lawmakers To Regulate Social Media
How About A Good Housekeeping Seal Of Political Ad Approval?
Teens Press To Proceed With 'Addiction' Lawsuit Against Social Platforms
Intense Future Marketing For TV News: Leaving 'Fair And Balanced' Far Behind
Senate Committee Advances Teens Online Safety Bill
Is Streaming Sustainable For The Long Term? Look Back 30 Years For A Clue
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, July 21, 2023
D.C. Agency 'January Third' Rebrands Itself Because Of, Well, You Know
Fabulous Fizz: D2C Hard Seltzer Brand Gay Water Comes Out
WTF Is Publir And Who Is Behind It?
Mirth Control
Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft Agree To AI Safeguards Urged By White House
The INFORM Consumers Act - Brand New Rules For Online Marketplaces And Sellers
Grindr App Launches Campaign To Unionize Its Staff
House Advances Bill Restricting Law Enforcement Purchase Of Data
Can The Pan Am Games Survive?
Privacy Swamp: U.S. Brands Are Confused By Plethora Of State Laws
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, July 14, 2023
A New Political Media Acronym Worth Thinking About: AIGD
2024 Presidential Ad Cycle Spending-To-Date: Double 2020's
FTC Investigates OpenAI Over Chatbot 'Hallucinations'
'The Tampon Test' Reiterates Importance Of Body Autonomy
Microsoft Bing Gets Nod After Canadian Official Accuses Google Of 'Blackmailing' Canada
Canadians Push Back On Google, Facebook Domestic News Blockades
Watchdogs: Threads Already Compromised, Needs Content Guardrails ASAP
Massachusetts Bill Would Ban Sale Of Location Data
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, July 7, 2023
Activities That Shock The Conscience
Canadian Government Suspends All Advertising On Facebook, Instagram
New TV News Math: Political Viewing A Key... Amid Trump Questions
Retailers, Restaurants Brace For Student Loan Fallout
Judge Prohibits Biden Admin From Asking Tech Companies To Remove Posts
Twitter Threatens To Sue Meta Over 'Copycat' App
Massachusetts, Publicis Health Still Slugging It Out Over Opioid-Related Lawsuit
Ads Using AI Technology On The Rise