Mirth Control

It has been half a century since the actions of the Committee to Re-Elect The President (CREEP) contributed to the downfall of the Nixon White House, but now Democrats are leveraging a different kind of creepiness -- the prospect of Republicans invading the privacy of your bedroom -- to rally Ohio voters to defeat a Republican proposal that would make it harder for Ohioans to amend the state's Constitution.

The spot, created by The Progress Action Fund, opens with an amorous couple getting ready to have sex and reaching for a condom when an actor portraying a creepy, newly elected Republican Congressman says: "Sorry, you can't use those."

"I'm your Republican Congressman," he explains, adding: "Now that we're in charge, we're banning birth control."

You get the set-up. Watch the spot if you want to see how the rest of the creepiness unfolds, but the spot should go a long way toward convincing voters -- of any party -- that the last place Republicans should be watching you is in your bedroom.

If you're registered in Ohio, vote no (not yes) on August 8.



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  1. Mark Dubis from The Dubis Group, July 18, 2023 at 1:58 p.m.

    Ya gotta love the progressive party and its scare tactics along with their double standard. The issue on the ballot asks for 60% of voters to approve state constitution changes, and Dems want a simple majority.  

    The Irony and The Democratic Party's Double Standard

    The Democratic Party of Ohio requires that 60% of its delegates vote in favor of any changes to the organization's constitution.

    The party also requires that any candidates seeking its official endorsement before the primaries must receive the backing of at least 60% of the executive committee.

    Further, in order for members of the Democratic National Committee to revise its charter, they must meet a threshold of two-thirds (66%).

    Hypocrisy is pervasive among the progressives in our state. 


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