mCommerce Daily Editions for October 2013
mCommerce Daily - Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013
Mobile Shoppers to Meet In-Store Micro-Targeting
Macy's Moves Black Friday Deals to Shopping App
Details About Digital Devices: How Affluents Use Smartphone And Tablets
Music Retailer Turns to Ride Wave of Commerce
Take It Inside: Mobile Fight Moves Indoors
Affluents Are Wary About Purchasing Online
eBay Earnings Bright Spot Remains Mobile Commerce
Three Reasons iOS7 Is Great For Marketers
Mobile Payments Law Creates Payments Institution in Brazil
Valpak Bows Augmented Reality Coupons
mCommerce Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013
Banking Apps & the Move into Mobile Shopping
Cosmetics Brand Using Augmented Reality for Shoppers
Study: Facebook Delivering 152% ROI For Retailers In 2013
Study Sees Big Impact of Mobile on Retail Sales
Mobile Driving Retail Sales Globally
Mobile Payments Platform Expands into Canada
Spider-Man Weaves A Bluetooth Web On Broadway
'All You' Partners WIth ShopAdvisor To Integrate Mobile
mCommerce Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013
The Higher Value of the In-Store Mobile Shopper
Victoria's Secret Adds Augmented Reality to App for Sales
CPG Brands Turn to Mobile to Drive Sales
Sears Sees Higher Mobile Conversion Rates
Majority of Online Shopping Starts with Mobile's Favado App Is Crack For The Coupon Addict In Aisle 4
If Your Phone Is So Smart, What's It Doing In A Best Buy?
Fifth Of Grocery Shoppers Using Apps, More Convenience Needed
mCommerce Daily - Friday, Oct. 11, 2013
Retailers & the Road to Mobile Commerce
Spending by Smartphones, Tablets Continues to Rise
More than Half of Consumers Don't Lock Phones
Restaurant Chain Drives Traffic with Mobile Sweepstakes
28% of Online Consumers Wary of Mobile Holiday Shopping
AutoTrader: Car Shoppers Go Mobile
mCommerce Daily - Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013
Shopkick & the Arc from Couch to Store
Restaurant Chain Drives Traffic with Mobile Sweepstakes
Getting Apps Ready for Cyber Monday
Accenture: Consumers Plan 'Sensible' 11% Holiday Hike
More than Half of Consumers Don't Lock Phones
Is Showrooming The New Normal?
Going 'Cardless': City National Pilots Mobilized ATMs
28% of Online Consumers Wary of Mobile Holiday Shopping
What's M-Commerce Worth This Holiday Season?
Spending by Smartphones, Tablets Continues to Rise
mCommerce Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013
Mobile Shopping & the In-Store Pickup
MasterCard Offers One-Touch Mobile Shopping in Wired
Beyond the Rack, Currys, Newegg Add Mobile Payments
The War Over Mobile Marketing Air Space Is Coming To A Mall Near You
US Seen as Toughest Market for Mobile Payments
5 Forms of Mobile Commerce in African
Mobile/Showrooming To Drive Holiday E-Commerce Despite Security Grinch
Amazon Launches 'Login and Pay' Service for E-Commerce Sites
mCommerce Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013
The Always-in-Motion QR Code
Some Women More Likely to Shop via Smartphone
Going 'Cardless': City National Pilots Mobilized ATMs
McDonald's Tests Different Mobile Payment Systems
Another Mobile Payment Service Launched with NFC
Smartphones Influence Sales in UK Stores, Says Study
More Smartphones, Tablets Drive Commerce in Asia
mCommerce Daily - Monday, Oct. 7, 2013
Mobile Shopping & the Asset of the Physical Store
Significant Rise Seen in Holiday Mobile Shopping
Mobile Money Platform Continues Expansion
PayPal Partners with Retailers to Fight Showrooming
Mobile Price Comparison Grows in Asia
Alibaba Backs Mobile App Search Engine
mCommerce Daily - Friday, Oct. 4, 2013
Mobile Money & So Many Ways to Pay
Sonic Drive-In Moving to Mobile Payments
Sprint's 'Pinsight Touch' Promises NFC For Apps
Men Slightly Outpace Women in Mobile Purchasing
79% of Retailers See Mobile Commerce as Very Important
AmEx Partners with Mobile Payment Platform Company
Carriers Compete for Payments from Unbanked Customers
mCommerce Daily - Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013
Subway Adding Mobile Payments to the Menu
Fandango Links Mobile Ticketing with Samsung
Tablets, Smartphones Gaining Retail Dominance
Supermarket Chain Expanding Mobile Payments System
Mobile Commerce Sales on Track to Pass $100 Billion
Security Concerns, Hassles Deter Some Commerce
Confidence In Smartphone M-commerce May Be Approaching Tablets
Marketers Are Too 1D In 2D
Technology And The Millennial Mom
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