mCommerce Daily Editions for September 2014
mCommerce Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014
4,000 Beacons Coming to All Macy's Stores
PayPal Touts Security Over Apple Pay
iPhone 6 Breaks Apple Pre-Sale Record: 4 Million In 24 Hours
McDonald's Placed Bet on NFC for Payments
Advantages Seen in Apple Pay
Pep Boys Leans on Apple's Passbook
MasterCard Launches New Mobile Payment Service
iPhone And Tablet E-commerce Booming With An Email Push
mCommerce Daily - Monday, Sept. 15, 2014
Targeted Mobile Shopping Ads Starting to Hit Home
Millenials Open to New Forms of Payment, Says Report
Travel Industry Testing Beacons
Restaurant Chains Launch ApplePay
Commerce Challenged by Multiple Channels
Demand For IPhones Higher Than Ever
Mobile Operators Drop Wallet after Apple Pay
Retailers Weigh Apple Watch Impact on Commerce
mCommerce Daily - Friday, Sept. 12, 2014
54% of Mobile Marketers Plan to Beacon
Target Aims to Turns Likes into Buys
New Taxi Hailing App Adds Payments
Lower Prices Smartphones Seen Driving Commerce
Retailers Weigh Apple Watch Impact on Commerce
PayPal Views on Apple Mobile Payments
mCommerce Daily - Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014
Mobile Shopping & the Age Factor
NFL Teams with Ticketmaster for Mobile Tickets
Facebook Positioned to Take Lead on Beacons
Visa Launches Token Service for Mobile Payments
Apple's So-So Salesmanship: Notes From An Armchair Curmudgeon
Fundraising Platform Turns to Mobile Donations
Apple Pay And iBeacons -- A Digital Marketing Revolution Could Be On Its Way
Canadian Tire Money Finally Goes Digital
Town Beacons Itself to Aid Visitors
mCommerce Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014
Apple Dives into the World of Mobile Payments
Whole Foods Adds One-Hour Delivery to App
Apple Debuts iPhone 6, Mobile Payments, Wearable Device
IPad App Mimics Store Experience for Buying Stationery
Isobar Launches New Commerce Platform
NFC Startup Teams with Mobile Commerce Company
Mobile Money Transfers Drive Banks in Market
Cook Is In The Kitchen As Apple Puts On Its Show
Beaconed Or Uberized? Let The Battle For Our Brains Begin...
mCommerce Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014
Mobile Retail Passes the 50% Point, Tops Desktop
Wine Marketplace App Adds Tap-to-Call
Twitter Starts Rolling Out Buy Button In Tweets, Changes ToS, Privacy Policy To Reflect Service
30% of Terminals Equipped to Use EMV Credit Cards
Fashion Brand Sites Found Lacking in Mobile Commerce Readiness
Mobile Pushing Commerce Growth to $33 Billion in Market
PayPal SDK Aimed at Small Businesses
Amazon: Take Our Phone, Please
mCommerce Daily - Monday, Sept. 8, 2014
Apple & Paving the Road to Mobile Payments
Pizza Hut, 1800Flowers Team with Visa Checkout
Apple, Disney Stores Upgrading Beacons, Says Report
New Apple Payment System May Involve Gestures
Potential Futures for Mobile Payments
Baidu Backs Indoor Mapping Company
mCommerce Daily - Friday, Sept. 5, 2014
More Loyalty Coupons Coming to a Store Near You
Google To Refund $19 Million For Children's In-App Purchases
Apple Gets Lower Bank Fees for Mobile Payments, Says Report
For IPG Placed Is The Place To Be
P&G Brand to Sell Products via AR on Magazine Pages
McDonald's Moving to Launch NFC Payments
New PayPal One-Touch Payment Reaching Retail Apps
Alibaba to Face Multiple Competitors after IPO
Auto Brands Still On Road To Mobile Mastery
mCommerce Daily - Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014
More Coupons Finding Mobile Shoppers
7-Eleven Links Free Coffee Deal to App
Macy's Focused On Mobile, Gen Y, Private Label
Beacons Tapped for Elvis Graceland Tours
The Chip Maybe Behind NFC in Next iPhone
Short-Term Impact of Apple Phone on Payments Questioned
Mobile Shopping Overtakes Retail Desktop in Market
mCommerce Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014
Softcard, CurrentC: The New, Big Names in Mobile Payments
Furniture Retailer Drives Mobile Sales with New Site Design
Online Retailer Sees Big Mobile Holiday Shopping Ahead
Auto Industry Turns to Mobile to Aid Sales
Commerce Giant Looks to Biometrics for Mobile Payments
Mobile Payment Gateway Being Phased Out
Apple's Bid To Mainstream Mobile Payments
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