• DOOHA Winner: Reuters Times Square2 and TIME Magazine, Time "Person of the Year"

    Best Integration with Traditional Media

    To promote its Person of the Year issue, Time magazine enabled readers to upload their own photos via mobile devices or a microsite, with the chance of having them displayed in a mock cover on the Reuter's Times Square billboard. Once staffers chose appropriate submissions they were displayed, phographed and emailed back to participants. Over 40,000 images were displayed in Times Square.

  • DOOHA Finalist: MediaVest, Capital One New York Bank Launch

    Best Integration with Traditional Media

    In an effort to seed the bank's message throughout the daily routines of New Yorkers, MediaVest placed the familiar Capitol One red pin creative throughout integrated digital OOH, transit, place-based media, and street furniture as well as TV, digital and print. MediaVest partnered with Danoo, a leading digital place-based network, to deliver localized content in over 250 New York venues from coffee houses to delicatessens, geo-targeted near Capital One Bank branch locations.

  • DOOHA Finalist: 89 Degrees, IKEA, "Find It" Mobile Sweepstakes

    Best Integration with Traditional Media

    With the goal of getting consumers to interact with IKEA's print catalog, 89 Degrees created a scavenger hunt in which readers would get clues texted to their mobile phones. The answers could be found only in the print catalog, ensuring that readers would spend more time with, and engage with, the catalog. Correct answers could instantly win an IKEA gift card - which drove return visits and in-store sales - and entered players in a grand prize sweepstakes.

  • DOOHA Finalist: Prolink

    Most Innovative Technology/Platform

    The golf-cart mounted Prolink Touch is a touchscreen GPS and informational system for golfers. With constantly updating hole-by-hole information, the device encourages more frequent golfer interaction with the screen, increasing ad impressions. Its fully-interactive data collection screen allows for data mining, such as the opt-in collection of email addresses in order to receive more information about select advertisers. 

  • DOOHA Finalist: MobileBehavior and LocaModa for AT&T's "Text Jumbli"

    Best integration with a mobile device

    AT&T's Text Jumbli was the world's first interactive mobile game that allowed consumers to use their mobile phones as "remote controls" for digital screens with connected players across multiple platforms, including a 50-foot-tall digital billboard in New York's Times Square, 1,200 digital plasma screens in bars, cafes and restaurants nationwide, and an integrated Facebook application game.

  • DOOHA Winner: Scanbuy, CitySearch and Discovery Communications, "The Interactive Neighborhood"

    Best integration with a mobile device

    Mobile barcodes were distributed using a number of outdoor media tactics to provide people with immediate access to local information like restaurant reviews, news, weather, and landmark audio tours. Partners CitySearch and Discovery Communications provided content via outdoor media placed in tourist-heavy neighborhoods, like San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf and Union Square. The codes on these ads linked directly to mobile audio tours for that neighborhood when scanned by a phone cam.

  • DOOHA Finalist: R/GA, Nokia, "The Timeline at Club Nokia"

    Best integration with a mobile device

    Visitors to Club Nokia, a brand new 2,500-seat theater in Los Angeles, captured their own Club Nokia moments via images, video and text, and uploaded them to the Timeline - a large wall-mounted LED display - via SMS, MMS, email, Bluetooth and WiFi, and interacted with theirs and others content on five interactive wall displays and four custom-made interactive floor interfaces.

  • DOOHA Winner: Adspace Digital Mall Network, Sony Pictures, "Paul Blart: Mall Cop"

    Best pairing of advertising and venue

    Sony Pictures' movie poster for the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop was brought to life on the Adspace Digital Mall Network when lead actor Kevin James acted out six different scenes, filmed specifically for the network in high definition, vertical format. The fifteen-second commercials aired in rotation in 29 malls. Not only was this creative execution directly related to the venue, it promoted interaction between the shoppers in the venue and the character from the movie.

  • DOOHA Finalist: Arnold, Citizen's Bank, "Green Sense"

    Best pairing of advertising and venue

    Interactive screens in the retail store displays of two key Citizens branches in Boston and Philadelphia reacted to foot traffic; through a camera installed in the display that observes and analyzes the data, users' movements will grow grass and with enough movement will grow flowers in the display while the Green$ense bird flutters in the background dropping coins, representing the .10 cents participants in the program receive with each paperless transaction.

  • DOOHA Finalist: Horizon Media, GEICO and Ecast

    Horizon Media, GEICO and Ecast

    To make the campaign relevant within the bar venue, GEICO and Ecast brought the popular GEICO Caveman icon to life, infusing him with a little dance fever. Full screen video on Ecast's digital jukeboxes showed the Caveman grooving side-to-side, ready to boogie down on a lighted dance floor. Skyscraper and leaderboard ads encouraged bar patrons to make him dance and, when interacted with, launched the mini-site. Consumers could also choose songs from a playlist of "Caveman-recommended" songs.

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