• DOOHA Winner: Reuters Times Square2 and TIME Magazine, Time "Person of the Year"
    Best Integration with Traditional MediaTo promote its Person of the Year issue, Time magazine enabled readers to upload their own photos via mobile devices or a microsite, with the chance of having them displayed in a mock cover on the Reuter's Times Square billboard. Once staffers chose appropriate submissions they were displayed, phographed and emailed back to participants. Over 40,000 images were displayed in Times Square.
  • DOOHA Finalist: MediaVest, Capital One New York Bank Launch
    Best Integration with Traditional MediaIn an effort to seed the bank's message throughout the daily routines of New Yorkers, MediaVest placed the familiar Capitol One red pin creative throughout integrated digital OOH, transit, place-based media, and street furniture as well as TV, digital and print. MediaVest partnered with Danoo, a leading digital place-based network, to deliver localized content in over 250 New York venues from coffee houses to delicatessens, geo-targeted near Capital One Bank branch locations.
  • DOOHA Finalist: 89 Degrees, IKEA, "Find It" Mobile Sweepstakes
    Best Integration with Traditional Media With the goal of getting consumers to interact with IKEA's print catalog, 89 Degrees created a scavenger hunt in which readers would get clues texted to their mobile phones. The answers could be found only in the print catalog, ensuring that readers would spend more time with, and engage with, the catalog. Correct answers could instantly win an IKEA gift card - which drove return visits and in-store sales - and entered players in a grand prize sweepstakes.
  • DOOHA Finalist: Prolink
    Most Innovative Technology/PlatformThe golf-cart mounted Prolink Touch is a touchscreen GPS and informational system for golfers. With constantly updating hole-by-hole information, the device encourages more frequent golfer interaction with the screen, increasing ad impressions. Its fully-interactive data collection screen allows for data mining, such as the opt-in collection of email addresses in order to receive more information about select advertisers. 
  • DOOHA Finalist: American Summer Campaign
    Best integration with original contentIn keeping with Walmart's overall American Summer seasonal promotional strategy, PRN created a series of in-store video spots that presented the idea of the classic American summer: backyards, burgers, family fun - snapshots of iconic summer moments that incorporated products found at Walmart. Displayed on flat screen monitors in 2,650 Supercenter and Division 1 stores nationwide, the visuals utilized a locked, "postcard" framing device with the featured product prominently positioned and the action moving in and out of the frame.
  • DOOHA Finalist: LM&O Advertising Citizen Solider
    Best integration with original contentThe Army National Guard "Warrior" creative features a song written by Kid Rock, footage of ARNG-sponsored Nascar driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and videos of soldiers. The audience is engaged with three interweaving stories: Kid Rock performing, Dale Earnhardt Jr. speeding around hairpin turns, and an ARNG soldier performing his duties. Coupled with National CineMedia lobby promotional elements, this message reached millions of moviegoers across America last year. 
  • DOOHA Winner: NBC Digital Health Diapering 101
    Best integration with original contentNBC Digital Health Hospital Network's The Newborn Channel has produced and is currently airing "Diapering 101," which features original educational programming with Huggies Diapers, Wipes and toiletries product integration throughout. The program airs on both the Newborn and Patient Channels and reaches 82 percent of the total birth market in over 2,300 maternity hospitals nationwide.
  • DOOHA Winner: Media Storm Big Ten Network "Virtual Eddy"
    Most Innovative Technology/PlatformWorking closely with Creative Images and Modernistic, Media Storm brought Eddie George, 1995 Heisman trophy winner and the host of The Quad on Big Ten Network, to life as a talking hologram to capture fans attention at the Big Ten Network Tournament in Indianapolis. Attendees listened to the virtual Eddie and posed for photos, resulting in 1,200 photographs being posted on a microsite.
  • DOOHA Finalist: Premier Retail Technology/Walmart Smart Network
    Most Innovative Technology/PlatformPRN's Advanced Media Communications Platform delivers digital video via a flexible, highly scalable platform powered by IPTV - technology that allows retailers to monitor and control HD video streams to thousands of screens across the country. Response measurement and message optimization technologies enable delivery of the most relevant content to shoppers - by store, by screen, by day, and by time-of-day. It also allows for smart audio that automatically adjusts depending on the ambient store noise.
  • DOOHA Finalist: Kinetic Mediaedge:cia/Remy Martin
    Best use of interactive technologyBrought to life by Kinetic's experiential marketing experts, Destination Media Group, with planning by Mediaedge:cia, this effort used nighttime video projection media equipped with directional audio synchronization at club venues; subway projections flashed images on tunnel walls, turning the train-car windows into glimpses of the Remy Martine "Speakeasy"; and amotion-activated interactive window and pop-up store simulacrum on a Manhattan storefront, designed to resemble a sliding peephole on the closed door of a secret VIP party.
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