• DOOHA Winner: Reuters Times Square2 and TIME Magazine, Time "Person of the Year"

    Best Integration with Traditional Media

    To promote its Person of the Year issue, Time magazine enabled readers to upload their own photos via mobile devices or a microsite, with the chance of having them displayed in a mock cover on the Reuter's Times Square billboard. Once staffers chose appropriate submissions they were displayed, phographed and emailed back to participants. Over 40,000 images were displayed in Times Square.

  • DOOHA Finalist: MediaVest, Capital One New York Bank Launch

    Best Integration with Traditional Media

    In an effort to seed the bank's message throughout the daily routines of New Yorkers, MediaVest placed the familiar Capitol One red pin creative throughout integrated digital OOH, transit, place-based media, and street furniture as well as TV, digital and print. MediaVest partnered with Danoo, a leading digital place-based network, to deliver localized content in over 250 New York venues from coffee houses to delicatessens, geo-targeted near Capital One Bank branch locations.

  • DOOHA Finalist: 89 Degrees, IKEA, "Find It" Mobile Sweepstakes

    Best Integration with Traditional Media

    With the goal of getting consumers to interact with IKEA's print catalog, 89 Degrees created a scavenger hunt in which readers would get clues texted to their mobile phones. The answers could be found only in the print catalog, ensuring that readers would spend more time with, and engage with, the catalog. Correct answers could instantly win an IKEA gift card - which drove return visits and in-store sales - and entered players in a grand prize sweepstakes.

  • DOOHA Finalist: Prolink

    Most Innovative Technology/Platform

    The golf-cart mounted Prolink Touch is a touchscreen GPS and informational system for golfers. With constantly updating hole-by-hole information, the device encourages more frequent golfer interaction with the screen, increasing ad impressions. Its fully-interactive data collection screen allows for data mining, such as the opt-in collection of email addresses in order to receive more information about select advertisers. 

  • DOOHA Finalist: Zoom Media & Marketing, Fuse, "You Rock, Let's Roll"

    Most Innovative Content/Advertising Integration

    Four separate branded-content mini-campaigns were created, each with multiple creative executions, which appeared on Zoom's digital network in nightlife spots. The mini-campaigns all tied together music and entertainment content with dating to promote Fuse's new dating show.

  • DOOHA Finalist: Captivate Network, TrueCredit.com

    Most Innovative Content/Advertising Integration

    Captivate's Editorial Department worked with TrueCredit.com to create a custom-content feature that spoke directly to consumers by offering helpful tips and advice on managing credit -while staying within TrueCredit.com's strategy.

  • DOOHA Winner: Hyperspace, Acura's TSX Live Traffic Update @ The Honda Center

    Most Innovative Content/Advertising Integration

    A key feature in Acura's new TSX model was their GPS unit, which could deliver real time traffic updates. Acura integrated live GPS content with digital out-of-home displays at the Honda Center, creating a map of current traffic conditions updated second-by-second, so arena attendees could check the displays and take the least traffic-congested route home after the event, all while multiple platforms within the arena - such as the jumbotron, LED ribbons and plasma screens - showcased the LIVE Map feed.

  • DOOHA Winner: Gilmore Group, Walgreens, One Times Square Digital Display System

    Most Innovative Use Of A Digital Out-of-Home Platform

    Walgreens' One Time Square electronic display soars 22 stories (212-feet-high), is made up of 16,000+ feet of total digital video display, and is produced by 12 million LEDs and 13 giant plasma video screens all formatted for photography, video, motion graphics and real time updatable text. It generates over 2 million estimated impressions daily and is the largest of its kind in the world.

  • DOOHA Finalist: Organic, Inc., Bank of America's NFL-Themed Trivia Campaign

    Most Innovative Use Of A Digital Out-of-Home Platform

    Targeting football fans in Times Square, in New York City, and fans at Victory Park Plaza, in Dallas, Organic teamed up with Megaphone and created an NFL-themed, multiple-choice trivia game that passersby could interact with on their mobile phones. 

  • DOOHA Finalist: Premier Retail Networks, Fisher's Pharmacy Interactive Displays

    Most Innovative Use Of A Digital Out-of-Home Platform

    PRN developed interactive multi-product 42-inch, HD vertical-screen display-merchandising systems that allows shoppers to select content to help them make product choices adjacent to the point of purchase for a category of products.

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