Thursday, September 18, 2003
  • Gray Lady Slips, Times Ad Revenue Tumbles In August

    The New York Times Co. Tuesday reported a drop in ad spending for August, marking the second consecutive month of a softening ad marketplace ... Read the whole story

  • Screwing the Agency Leads to Screwing the Relationship

    As the U.S. president of a global company that counsels clients on financial arrangements with their advertising agencies, one question that frequently comes up ... Read the whole story

  • UM Taps Marketing Pro To Manage Important Brand: It's Own

    A media agency known for aggressive trade marketing and PR is taking a page out of its clients' handbooks and hiring a marketing director ... Read the whole story

  • VNU Cuts Staff At Advertising, Media Trade Titles

    In a development emblematic of the industries it covers - advertising and media - VNU Business Publications Wednesday announced a 5% reduction in its ... Read the whole story

  • A Magazine That Targets Where The Other Half Lives

    On its website, Reed Business Information subsidiary The Ashley Group humbly bills itself as "the world's leading publisher of visual information about the interior ... Read the whole story