Monday, November 19, 2007
  • Strike Casualty: ANA Nixes Family-Friendly Forum

    Yet another side effect of the writers' strike: The Association of National Advertisers' Family Friendly Programming Forum will be postponed. But its related event--the … Read the whole story

  • Crackle Of Change: Sony Sets Online Video Ad Deals

    Sony Pictures' Crackle, the company's Web area for new video makers and other video content, has signed up its first major advertising deals. Major … Read the whole story

  • Media Remains Jewel In Nielsen Crown, Relatively Exempt From Restructuring

    Nielsen's media research operations account for less than a third of the company's total revenues, but they continue to be at the heart of … Read the whole story

  • Rodale Reports Healthy Quarter, Fit Results

    The magazine industry has gone all topsy-turvy, with some publishers reporting big declines, avd others raking it in. Health and fitness publisher Rodale is … Read the whole story

  • Salesgenie Returns To Super Bowl Ad Lineup

    With word that Fox is nearing the goal line for a Super Bowl sellout, a first-time advertiser last year is returning--and doubling its presence. … Read the whole story

  • NBC Explores Airing Martial Arts Shows

    NBC has become the latest network to hold talks about airing mixed martial arts programming early next year, if the "Hollywood" writers' strike continues. … Read the whole story

  • CBS Sweeping Thursday Sweeps

    For the second night in a row, CBS narrowly sideswiped ABC, with a key November sweep Thursday night win. "Trace" did well for the … Read the whole story