Wednesday, October 8, 2008
  • Featured RW&B Post: Debates Go Better With Facebook

    OK. Fresh from viewing the Obama McCain debate (in fairness the CNN post-debate analysis is still going strong on my TV) and once again ... Read the whole story

  • Study: Magazines Beat TV In ROI

    A new study of magazine advertising ROI by Marketing Evolution found that magazines are the most cost-effective means of influencing consumer behavior at certain ... Read the whole story

  • Media X: Slouching Toward The Multiculture

    Every ending is the beginning of something else. And as our star turn on the global stage fades to black, we are witnessing the ... Read the whole story

  • MLB, ESPN To Carry World Baseball Classic

    Seeking programming to fill its unending available hours, the MLB Network has reached a deal to carry a portion of the World Baseball Classic. ... Read the whole story

  • CBS: Biden Scores On War, Palin On Bailout

    In response to a real-time screening of the recent vice presidential debate, one CBS research survey says voters responded positively to Democrats' view on ... Read the whole story

  • Starz In 'Crash' Mode

    Starz, the movie-oriented pay cable channel now ramping up original programming, is moving considerably beyond pay cable--at least as a one-off. The channel will ... Read the whole story

  • Radio Daze: Broadcasters Oppose PPM Coalition

    The long saga of Arbitron's Portable People Meter got even longer and more convoluted this week, with big radio broadcasters taking sides on possible ... Read the whole story

  • DVR Ratings: Boosts Nets, Especially CW, Fox

    A week before the formal start of the season, CW and Fox performed well ahead of other networks when it came to DVR playback ... Read the whole story

  • CBS Owns Monday, 'Two Men' Dances Around 'Stars'

    CBS won its third Monday in a row, with ABC and Fox improving on the night from a week ago. NBC headed in the ... Read the whole story