Friday, September 25, 2009
  • Saving the Prime-Time Season: The American Challenge

    America, you're on notice. This is your Television speaking, and it's not happy. Broadcast TV -- the lifeblood of any true American household, followed … Read the whole story

  • TiVo: Ads Skipped In Acclaimed Shows

    TV commercials of critical and award-winning TV shows are typically fast-forwarded more than other programs in DVR homes. Read the whole story

  • T-Up: Cox Offers ESPN360

    A month after Comcast launched, another top-5 cable operator is teeing up the service. Cox Communications will make the online sports hub available … Read the whole story

  • ABC Sitcoms Post Strong Openings

    ABC's adventurous plan to launch multiple new shows on Wednesday night started strong on its premiere night. "Modern Family" and "Cougar Town" turned heads. Read the whole story

  • Cause & Effect: How MediaVest's New Research Is Affecting Media

    To help clients better understand the role social causes have on how consumers perceive their products and brands, or on the campaigns and media … Read the whole story

  • Goodby: Forget :30 Spots, Write It On The House

    Agency honcho Jeff Goodby argues that only a fraction of marketers are willing to face the implications of digital media, and most don't fully … Read the whole story

  • Mag Bag: Uncluttered: Fashion Readers Like Magazine Ads

    As television, radio -- and, increasingly, the Internet -- anxiously ponder the pros and cons of ad clutter, fashion magazines can happily point to … Read the whole story