Wednesday, February 16, 2011
  • Wieser Steps Down As Interpublic's Top Ad Seer, Becomes CMO Of 'Targeted TV' Ad Developer Simulmedia

    They don't make ad industry seers the way they used to. Less than two years after Brian Wieser replaced Bob Coen as the top … Read the whole story

  • AOL, TV Marketers Must Build Digital Alliances

    The new vision of AOL as a marketing partner for television programmers isn't just bringing content to the Internet company's array of entertainment destinations. … Read the whole story

  • Apple Unveils iPad Magazine Subs Model

    With big consumer magazine publishers striking subscription sales agreements with competing device-makers, longtime holdout Apple is taking a more conciliatory line. It is unveiling … Read the whole story

  • Rovi Deal Lets TV Viewers Buy Retail Via Remote

    Rovi Corporation, the big electronic program guide company, and Delivery Agent, a longtime seller of TV related merchandise, have just made a deal where … Read the whole story

  • Sirius XM 2010 Revs Rise 14%

    The satcaster's full-year results showed a marked improvement from 2009-2010, reflecting a growing subscription base and slowly improving economic conditions -- especially in the … Read the whole story

  • CBS Rebrands Cable Outlet As CBS Sports Network

    Setting the stage for it to expand beyond college sports, CBS said it would re-flag its cable sports outlet as CBS Sports Network. It … Read the whole story