Tuesday, December 31, 2013
  • Media, Entertainment Stocks Soar In 2013

    Media stocks witnessed a strong year with many broadly held companies easily outperforming the market overall. Media and entertainment stocks climbed 46% year-over-year on ... Read the whole story

  • Till Death Do Us Part: Did Liebowitz Pay For His Divorce With KSL Funds?

    A U.S. Trustee has asked the U.S. Bankruptcy Court hearing the KSL proceeding to replace the current Chapter 11 Trustee, KSL Controller Janet Miller-Allen, ... Read the whole story

  • USPS Raises Postal Rates

    Magazine publishers and direct mail marketers got a lump of coal in their stockings over the holidays, with the Postal Regulatory Commission's decision to ... Read the whole story

  • GroupM Signs World Trade Center Lease

    WPP's GroupM has signed a 20-year lease at 3 World Trade Center, the company has confirmed. With that deal in its pocket, Silverstein Properties ... Read the whole story

  • NBC's 'Sunday Night Football' Ends Its Season With Ratings Surge

    NBC's "Sunday Night Football" -- TV's top-viewed show -- ended its season with soaring ratings on the last Sunday night of 2013. The closely ... Read the whole story

  • TV's Biggest Disappointments (And Annoyances) in 2013 - News Edition

    The Grinch is continuing his look back at television's biggest disappointments and annoyances during the last twelve months. This time he is focusing on ... Read the whole story