• Education: Vito Technology, Inc, Star Walk for iPad - interactive astronomy guide
    Star Walk is an augmented reality app used for mapping out constellations and planets.  Along with its unique and accurate augmented reality technology, Star Walk provides extra educational information by providing the user with upcoming astrological events.  Also, upon coming across objects like planets, Star Walk provides the user with other facts.  I was skeptical on the accuracy of …
  • Education: United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), My Life as a Refugee
     My Life as a Refugee differs from other apps in the Education category because of its simplicity.  My Life as a Refugee is an app that presents a story in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style.  In the app you can choose to play or follow the story of 1 of 3 characters who are refugees (or all 3).  Each character’s story progresses based on a …
  • Reference, Ancestry.com, Ancestry
     The Ancestry mobile app takes the online experience of Ancestry.com and makes it easier than ever before (for new and existing users alike) to make family history discoveries on-the-go. With a simple and user-friendly family tree viewer, users can show off interesting facts, historic documents, and photos all while visiting a relative. Users can also add, edit, or delete profiles of ancestors or relatives on-the-go. Exclusive to the app is a "Shaky Leaf" hinting feature, which uses predictive …
  • Reference, IEEE Spectrum, Robots for iPad
    Robots for iPad is a fun and innovative app that lets users explore the amazing world of robotics.  The interactives let users “play” with robots by spinning or moving them through different actions. Dancing humanoids, lifelike androids, and toy robots come alive under the user’s fingertips in a unique, hands-on experience. The app features a vast robotics data catalog, a glossary of robotic terms, and a timeline of robotics and artificial intelligence.  Each robot has its own “profile page,” with …
  • Reference, The MX Group, NGC Coin Details
     The NGC Coin Details app enriches the coin collecting experience for hobbyists and professionals. To verify a coin’s authenticity, the app lets users scan the barcode label of any U.S. coin or enter its certification number to compare it with data from NGC’s secure servers. Users can expand their knowledge of each coin by viewing NGC price guide values, upcoming auction information from major, independent numismatic auction houses, specifications (such as mintage and metal composition, reference descriptions, varieties of that coin) and more.
  • Travel, TripAdvisor, TripAdvisor Mobile
    TripAdvisor Mobile allows travelers to locate the best rates on airfare, ask questions in the TripAdvisor traveler forums, book hotel stays, and add reviews of their own while experiences are fresh in their memory. It can also be useful during a trip with unique features such as “Point Me There,” which navigates travelers to hotels, restaurants, and attractions, and “Near Me Now,” which lets users discover places nearby.  As a bonus, the app is available in 21 languages.
  • Travel, SeatGuru, SeatGuru App
     The SeatGuru app provides comprehensive and trusted seat recommendations and airline advice for those taking to the skies. Users receive on-the-go access to more than 700 high-resolution seat maps from nearly 100 airlines. Also featured is the powerful flight search engine from TripAdvisor, which lets users find and compare airfares from the major airlines, low-cost carriers, as well as the leading online travel agencies. Travelers can also view comments and seat photos submitted by other flyers, and share their own images.
  • Travel, ROKKAN, jetBlue
     The JetBlue app gives you instant access to flight information, weather alerts and even inflight entertainment guides and snack menus. The moment the app is launched, the details you need automatically appear on the homescreen no matter where you are in your travel cycle, whether pre-flight, day-of, or returning — no extra thumbing required. From check-in to your returning flight, all the features of the app keep you in the know along the way. Book travel, search for flights, check-in — all seamless.
  • Utilities, MyLife, MyLife
     MyLife provides elegant solutions to issues around sharing, communication, online identity and discovering new connections. The MyLife app allows users to seamlessly connect and manage their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts in one place - taking the hassle out of having to access multiple apps. The app has a beautiful, well-thought-out interface making reading and sharing messages across different networks quick and easy. The app also provides users with the ability to search for their family and friends, or connect with new people.
  • Utilities, Lennox, iComfort
     With iComfort, homeowners can remotely control their heating and cooling system’s energy usage from the beach, the slopes, or even from the couch, using just about any mobile device. It’s a smarter, more convenient way for homeowners to adjust their thermostat, save energy and money, and make the planet a little more green. Homeowners can adjust the temperature from anywhere, change whether the system should heat or cool their home, put the system into an energy savings away mode when no one is …
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