Online Media Daily Editions for July 2009
Online Media Daily - Friday, July 31, 2009
Microsoft And comScore Partner To Measure Brand Marketing
Don't Blame You, Don't Blame Me, Blame That Fellow Behind the Tree
Don't Forget About SMS
MetroPCS Drops Unlimited Plan to $40
Report: Facebook Android App Coming Soon
Signals That May Lead To Online's Next $25 Billion
Autobytel Opens Doors With Data
Donaton To Lead Mediabrand's 'Ensemble'
Forbes Looks Cross-Platform With Bottom-Line Analytics
Online Media Daily - Thursday, July 30, 2009
AT&T's All-In-One Mobile-Social Play
How Social Media Advertising Could Not Suck
Sprint Adds Almost 1 Million Prepaid Customers In Q2
What Microhoo Deal Could Mean
LibreDigital Secures $15 Million Funding Round
AOL Earnings On A Line, Alright
AudienceScience Lends An ARM To Customize Ads
WaPo Debuts New Mobile Site
OPA Names Grignon To SVP Post; Encouraging Brand Advertising Online
BrightRoll Unveils 'Performance Pricing'
'Non Event': Yahoo and Microsoft Agree To 10-Year License Deal
Lawsuit Charges Google Displays Ads On 'Low Quality' Pages
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Microsoft Now To 'Buy' Yahoo Search?
MinyanLand Goes To Heck And Back
Yahoo Unveils Mobile Syncing For New Home Page
The Truth About Ad Nets: Profit Margins of 45% To 60%
Second Advertiser Alleges Facebook Click Fraud
Sprint Ups Ante For Prepaid Rivals
Everybody Likes To Watch: 90% Of Young Adults Use Video-Sharing Sites Closer To 'Next-Gen TV Net' Goal
Study: Online and Offline Behavior Meshing
Breaking The Daisy Chain
Starcom: Mobile Data Users Connecting To Ads In Other Media
Discovery Explores China, Links With Baidu
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Silverman Leaves NBCU For Cross-Platform Venture
High-Profile Publishers Call For The Demise Of Ad Networks At The Industry's (And Their Own) Peril
Verizon Wireless Grows Data Revenue In Q2
'Connect' to Customers Through Facebook
Study: Bing's Ad Click-Throughs May Perform Better Than Google's
Brands Using Gannett's Ripple6 Social Media Platform To Reach Customers
Study: Who's On Which Social Nets
Realtor Drops Lawsuit Against Craigslist
Limelight Network Adds Mobile-Centric Services
More Pressure Brought On Google To Protect Readers' Privacy
Online Media Daily - Monday, July 27, 2009
Goodbye, Platform-A; Hello, AOL Advertising
If You Can't Beat 'Em, Scare 'Em
Palm Strikes Back At Apple Over iTunes
White House Asks Public If It Wants Cookies
Latitude For iPhone Earns Boos From Bloggers (But Maybe That's The Point) Trademark Appeal Sent Packing
Associated Content Looking For More Content
Socialism And The Measure Of Success
Online Media Daily - Friday, July 24, 2009
Microsoft Earnings Down As It Prepares Major Product Updates
Putting A Price On Creativity
iPhone Boosts AT&T Results Again
The Future Of Mobile Is ... SMS?
Click Fraud Could Cost As Much As $4.35 Billion
iVillage Gives Women Something To Tweet About
Facebook Changes Policy on Username Change
Catch A Fire: 'USA Today' Best-Seller List Embraces Kindle
Group Worries That Google Books Could Violate Readers' Privacy
A Funny Name And A Way To Put Humanity Into Online Banking
AP Plans Beacon To Track Its Stories Across The Web
'Times' Weighs Charging For Online Content Amid Spiraling Ad Revenue
If The Shoe Fits: Amazon Not So Well-Heeled, Reports Earning Down
How-To Site Should Make 'How-To Get Funding' Video
Starbucks Dethrones Coke As Top Facebook Brand
Online Media Daily - Thursday, July 23, 2009
Is Twitter A Job Qualification #FAIL?
'Why Would Anyone Want To Be An Expert?'
Buddy Media Launches Twitter-Tracking Service
Data Suggest Rebound In Online Ad Demand: Display, Pre-Roll CPMs Rising Again
Iaccarino Named CEO of Mobile Messenger
Steve Madden Sues eBay Over Fake Watch Sales
Pew: Mobile Web Use Growing Fastest Among African Americans, Hispanics
Welcome To The Dollhouse: EyeWonder Takes Twitter To Its Ads
Study: C-Level Execs Readying For Economic Recovery
AG Cautions Craigslist Could Become The 'Wild West'
MySpace's Curious Webmail Play
iPhone Fever Spreads Across The Globe
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Yahoo Profit Increases 8% In Second Quarter, Revenue Falls
Bad Vibes Gathering
Clarifying Some Basics About Online Video Advertising
Arkadium Unveils Enhancements for Brand Marketers
HuffPo Names Journalist To Launch Tech Section
Microhoo As Good As Done, But Is Search Ready For Consolidation?
Art Museum Threatens Lawsuit Over Public Domain Gallery Images Uploaded To Wikipedia
Video Pushing Mobile Broadband Use
Fashionably Late: Condé Kills Men.Style
John McCain Apologizes To Jackson Browne, Settles Dispute Over 'Running On Empty'
How Search Is Key To Booking Travel Plans
Report: Travel And Social Media Sites Fare Well In June
Yahoo Unveils New Home Page (Finally)
Adknowledge Acquires Virtual Currency Company
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Law Firm Readying Class-Action Suit Against Amazon For Deleting Orwell Books From Users' Kindles
Alex Bogusky To Guest Edit 'The Future of Media'
Havas Digital Taps Traffiq For Media Buying
Viewers Going Gaga Over Makeup Videos On YouTube
Geo-Targeting, Even For Email
Study: Social Media Pays
Study: Deliverability Could Be Better
AOL's Kelly Now 'Weather' Man
Could The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Act Undermine The 'Internet Economy'?
Electronic Arts, Major League Gaming Find Money In Video Game Play
Spam Messages Spread Through Social Network Aggregator
Online Media Daily - Monday, July 20, 2009
How Google Lifts Mobile Search Ad Success For
Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It
Omnicom's MobileBehavior Hires Marketing SVP
Ad Optimism Soars For Online, Marketers Have Higher Hopes Than Agencies For Mobile
Privacy Concerns Over The Cloud In LA
Marin Pushes Out Quality Score Tool
Do Social Media 'Experts' Overestimate Their Abilities?
Microsoft and Yahoo Deal Stumbling Toward The Finish Line
New Finance Blog Aims To 'Make Accounting Sexy'
Verizon Makes Offer On Handset Exclusivity
Chicago Sheriff Argues Craigslist Still Fosters Prostitution
Levick: AOL Moving Toward Niche Content, 'Change'
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