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Friday, May 27, 2016
  • MRC To Issue Mobile Viewability Measurement Guidelines In June

    The Media Rating Council (MRC), a self-regulatory industry body that oversees standards for media measurement, plans to issue guidelines on mobile viewability measurement by … Read the whole story

  • Programmatic Virtual Reality: Sci-Fi In The Making

    For marketers, VR will open up entirely new and exciting ways to engage with customers. Also, by applying the efficiencies, targeting, and scale of … Read the whole story

  • Facebook Expands Ad Reach Off-Network, Will Now Target Users Not Connected To Facebook

    In a move that extends its market power beyond the 1.6 billion user identities it explicitly controls, Facebook this morning announced it will expand … Read the whole story

  • Screening Your Real-Life Roller Coaster Results With A Pair Of VR Googles

    For many futurists, VR content and use is set to explode. But where and how? We can project -- as with 3D TV -- … Read the whole story