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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
  • Resolution Social Launches, Optimizes Social Media Marketing

    Prompted by technology platform partners and clients, as well as a marketplace melding of search and social media, global search agency Resolution Media has … Read the whole story

  • eCommerce Syndication Tests, Controls Repurposed Content has begun testing technology that allows publishers to syndicate ecommerce and corporate content aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. The business model allows … Read the whole story

  • Digital Changing The Intersection Of Message, Branding

    Search contributes 18% across all brand categories, and a brand's Web site adds 16%. Companies want to get cozy with consumers, but marketers need … Read the whole story

  • Guy Kawasaki On The Wonders Of Google+

    When I was at SXSWi, I got to see Guy Kawasaki interview Google's Vic Gundotra, who's responsible for Google+ -- Google's comprehensive new social … Read the whole story

  • EU Official 'Deeply Regrets' Google's New Privacy Policy

    It seems that European authorities are still peeved with Google for rolling out a new privacy policy earlier this month. The new policy allows … Read the whole story

  • The Case For Implementing Now is a shared vocabulary of semantic markup language (or structured data), similar to other languages before, such as RDFa and microformats. Schema uses … Read the whole story