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Monday, November 28, 2011
  • Samsung Mobile Campaign Mocks 'Gotta Haves'

    "We've already got millions of people using [it] as their smartphone of choice and comparing it against their friends' devices," says Samsung Mobile's Brian … Read the whole story

  • TidalTV Taps Korrelate For Offline Sales

    Advertisers and publishers are still struggling to connect online marketing messages with offline sales, which could boost demand and prices for online ads. To … Read the whole story

  • ABC Site Offers Free Music Downloads

    ABC is continuing its emphasis on free music as a promotional platform. Starting Sunday, a gratis download of the "episodic score" in drama "Once … Read the whole story

  • Retails Stock 3D TVs, More Content Expected

    Although there have been some weak overall TV sales activity of late, retailers are continuing to stocked in much more 3D TVs in the … Read the whole story

  • All I Want for Christmas Is An Apple Television

    Back in October I predicted that 2012 would be the Year of Television. At the time I believed that Apple would soon release a … Read the whole story