• Email Is Already Portable - Let's Make It Mobile
    With so many emails being read first on mobile devices, what can we do to manage the multi-screen messaging madness? Keep it short, keep it focused, and learn how to synchronize with your own computer.
  • Check The Memo: Mobile Puts Customers First
    Organizing around the customer is the great opportunity in mobile marketing, but it has to contend with legacy organizational infrastructures that get in the way.
  • Mobile Power Users Lead the Way
    When people buy a new TV, they typically are replacing one they have had for some time -- in many cases a very long time. They likely buy a high-definition set, can't wait to get it out of the box, turn it on and instantly receive a dramatically improved television-viewing experience.
  • The Money And The Numbers In Mobile
    A mid-year spot check on the state of mobile marketing spend shows that investment is now being measured in billions not millions of dollars. Some sectors such as mobile payments are accelerating at a double and triple digit pace.
  • SMBs Take on Mobile to Increase Sales
    Text messaging, and, surprisingly, 2D barcodes are the leading forms of mobile marketing among small- to medium-sized businesses. On the local level, SMBs are beginning to assign a branding function to social and a direct sales goal to mobile.