• The Value of Checking In (Or Not)
    The check-in ritual continues to look for models that provide value, establish real relationships with brands, and avoid pointlessness.
  • Retail Ready For Reverse Showrooming?
    What if retailers could find a way to incent shoppers to scan products in their stores to promote sales of those products to others who are not in the store? That would be true 'reverse-showrooming.'
  • How Mobile Drives Some To The Next Level
    Some longstanding Web brands are being discovered for the first time by users on mobile platforms because their desktop services become especially powerful and relevant in this new context.
  • The Future Of Books In A World Gone Mobile
    In Manhattan this week, a tale of two industries is playing out at the Javits Center. Upstairs, book publishers were still trying to dial in for a clue to mobile marketing. Downstairs, a blog convention had thousands of self-publishers already speaking to readers across platforms.