• Battle Of The ETA: GPS Vs. Android Vs. iPhone
    One thing that irks me is that my car GPS always provides a significantly different ETA than my smartphones. Earlier this week I had the opportunity to test once and for all which is most accurate and why.
  • People Systems vs. Technology Systems
    Mobile product scanning and price checks give the retailer an opportunity to engage the customer on a human level, especially when the POS systems buckle under the strain of too many marketing inputs.
  • Mobile Payments vs. Payments While Mobile
    The much bigger and more significant market for mobile payments involves using a mobile phone to pay for things where you are not. Payments while mobile is where the real money and potential reside.
  • A Mid-Year Review of the Growing Numbers in Mobile
    As the volume of research around the mobile industry continues to swirl, we thought it time to take another snapshot of where various parts of the market stand at this stage. Almost 90% of U.S. adults now have a mobile phone and more than half of them (55%) use their phones to go online, according to Pew Internet. Almost one in five do most of their online browsing on their phone.