• Is There Anything We Won't Buy On Mobile?
    As almost every segment of e-commerce sees some migration of transactions to devices, perhaps we should stop asking 'what will people buy via mobile?' Is there anything they wouldn't buy from devices?
  • Coupon Redemption Comes Home
    A new model for mobile coupons from Endorse works directly with the consumer after the purchase to give them cash back for select items they bought. It bypasses the retailer and point-of-sale altogether to streamline the experience for both the brand and the consumer.
  • Will Mobile Shoppers Still Lead Marketers This Holiday?
    Many marketers were taken by surprise last year by the velocity and depth of new mobile shopping habits. But consumers may still be far ahead of companies that have been scrambling to catch up for this holiday.
  • SMBs Along The Mobile Trail
    The latest Borrell Associates research on SMB adoption of mobile marketing shows that those companies that dabble one year tend to double down the next.
  • In Mobile, It Could Be The Little Things That Count
    Maybe mobile is about taking what look like small steps. As I listened to a keynote presentation at MediaPost's OMMA Mobile conference in New York this week, it became apparent that in many cases it can be the little things that can count most.