• 5 Tips To Engage Millennial Workers
    With the rapid rise of Millennials in the workforce, companies of all shapes, sizes and industries have struggled to crack the code of how to attract, retain and develop the best young talent.
  • From Head To Toe: The Multi-sensory Millennial
    When marketing to millennials, a great way for brands and advertisers to ensure their message is effective is to be mindful of the five senses. A millennial's eyes are always watching, their ears are always listening and fingers are always typing, but figuring out how to resonate with millennials is an ongoing challenge for marketers. By meeting them where their attention is devoted and providing a genuine message promoted by someone they trust, marketers can ensure their products and services will be perceived favorably by millennials.
  • Millennials Sound Off: 5 Wedding Trends They're Seeing Right Now
    Millennials are putting their own spin on wedding traditions, and doing "I do" their way. As more and more Millennials walk down the aisle, and more of their peers are attending weddings, this influx of brides, grooms, attendants, and guests is a boon to some brands-so we're continuing to keep tabs on the trends the new generation of brides and grooms are ushering in. According to our research, 9 in 10 18-33 year olds have been to a wedding, and almost half (45%) will be or already have attended a wedding this year. As Millennials take over the wedding world, ...
  • Workforce Millennialization And Why Your Sales Team Needs To Be Social
    There have been any number of recent studies that highlight the effectiveness of social selling, and yet many organizations are still slow to incorporate standard social practices into their sales team's processes.
  • Adapting To The Hotel Booking Habits Of Millennials
    Baby boomers were once the most coveted demographic group for the hospitality industry, but in recent years millennials have become the largest age group in the US with one of the strongest purchasing power. There are now over 83 million Americans in the millennial age range and they represent an enticing, yet challenging, effort for hotel marketers.
  • Forget MTV; Millennials Want Their YouTube (And Netflix And Social Media)
    There's an iconic scene in the 1997 cinematic masterpiece, "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion," where one of the titular characters had, like, a dating emergency, so she attempted to audition for "Singled Out," MTV's raucously puerile dating show-only to be flatly rejected. At age 28, Romy White was deemed too old and too uncool to be considered MTV material. "Try VH1," she was told.
  • Harnessing The Power Of Social Influencers Is The Way Into Millennial Wallets
    The millennial generation grew up with headphones on their ears and smartphones in their hands, and are often found with content from both devices jockeying for their attention at the same time. These digital natives became the largest living generation in 2015, according to the Pew Research Center, overtaking their parental Baby Boomers and are now the largest consumer segment in the country. The group with the shortest attention span has the most purchasing power and brands are seeking to quickly master the best way to earn their valuable dollars.
  • 7 Things Marketers Should Know About Engaging Millennials At Events
    It all boils down to memory-making, loyalty, and Snapchat-friendly programming.
  • Brands Leaving Machismo Behind For Millennial Men
    When the rose gold iPhone launched last year, something happened that surprised some observers: the pink phone was reportedly a hit with Millennial guys. On the iPhone 6 launch day, several outlets reported that the new color was a draw, and that just as many male customers were lusting after the pink phone as female. One male shopper in San Francisco told Re/Code, "'There's enough guys getting rose gold that it should be called bros' gold.'"
  • 5 Ways Millennials Are Disrupting The Wedding Industry
    From the white dress to the first dance and everything in between, the wedding industry has been notoriously known as being one of the most-if not the most-traditional industries.
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