• America Needs Millennials To Become Homeowners
    The U.S. economy was one of the chief topics during the 2016 presidential election. The candidates held strong opinions on jobs, trade, taxes, wages, college, the Federal Reserve, infrastructure, Social Security and Medicare. Yet they said very little about home ownership or the role it plays in the economy.
  • Millennials And The Information Echo Chamber
    Since the 2016 election tallies came in a coupla weeks ago, lotsa peeps have been tryna point fingers at someone or something to lay the blame (or the credit) for what happened. The "media" has been everyone's favorite punching bag of late for obvious reasons, partly cuz the Fourth Estate always catches flak whenever things go wrong and/or alt-right, but mostly cuz it's always easier to shoot the messenger than it is to actually hear the message, amirite?
  • Millennials' Digital-First Take On Marketing Via Social Influence, Customer Empathy And Video
    Traditional legacy marketing tactics and strategies are meaningless to SMB millennial marketers. Millennials are disrupting traditional marketing approaches without even realizing it. By embracing the channels and tactics they know best in their personal lives, millennials naturally create digital-first marketing strategies in their work life.
  • Understanding A Demographic: Multicultural Millennials
    When marketing to millennials, understanding their needs and wants is of the utmost importance to create content that resonates. As an audience, there are many different demographics that make millennials the largest living generation currently. The Buzz Marketing Group did a study of 21-36-year-old multicultural millennials to get a pulse as to what they want, where they want it and when they want it.
  • Introducing Mobile Prodigies: A Fresh Look At 2 Generations Driving App Adoption and Usage
    Gone are the days when young shoppers relied solely on TV commercials, sales associates, and aisle end-caps to help them search for new things to buy. The rise of Millennials and Gen Z consumers brings with it fundamental changes in the way mobile consumers approach the brands, products, and services that capture their attention ... and their spend.
  • A New Generation's Behaviors Will Change Affluent Marketing
    Industries like insurance are struggling to capture the attention of younger generations because fewer of these consumers are conforming to the "normal" behaviors these marketers have come to expect. While marketers still have a massive base of older consumers to fall back on at the moment, surviving market disruption will come down to how they adapt to consumers' attitudes in both the near and distant future. For many businesses targeting the affluent, it's time to begin retooling their products and marketing strategies based on the preferences of the new generations.
  • This Effect Of The Election On Millennials Comes As A Surprise
    With an historic election upon us and an election cycle in which no one could have predicted the way the American people would respond to the candidates before them, significant attention has turned to one group-millennials. But as much as "adults" might think they understand the sentiments and motivations of this cohort, millennials, in fact, surprise you at nearly every turn. We conducted a series of surveys of thousands of trailing millennial women (age 18 - 24) over the past year that illuminate some surprising facts in the final days leading up to Election 2016.
  • What To Ask About Your Marketing Strategy Before You Ask About Millennials
    Millennials have been a marketing obsession for several years now as the generation develops into a larger percentage of the work force and begins to earn and spend more. Yet, a new storyline has recently emerged around Millennials: It turns out, they're not a uniform generation with identical traits that apply to every single member.
  • It's President Nasty Woman For Millennials And Younger
    With less than two weeks until the country decides whether a reality TV showboat or a #nastywoman will set up shop in the Oval Office for the next four years, all eyes are turning to see what's gonna happen with the Millennial vote. It seems every election cycle, the spotlight invariably shines on young voters, partly cuz they're notoriously and reliably lackadaisical when it comes to getting out and casting their votes, but mostly cuz children are our future and stuff.
  • Millennials: Wanderers Or Trailblazers?
    Modern methods of marketing and advertising depend heavily on content engagement online. As a result, experts in these fields are constantly seeking out information on how they can reach their target audiences in the digital space.
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