• Data scientists' future? All about looking ahead -- and speaking well.

    Much of the current role of data scientists with the Internet of Things has been about analyzing data of the past. That will change.

    “A lot of the effort has been looked at retroactively,”  says Amit Shah, senior vp of  online marketing, mobile & social of 1-800Flowers, in speaking at MediaPost's Internet of Things conference:

    But in the future, Shah says: “[Data scientists] will become the 'tester in chief'. They will have to work closely with the creative side... They’ll be asking the question: So what? What are you going to do next with what Fitbit is ...

  • Talking Head Vs. ISIS Beheading
    When it comes to programmatic-buying's audience vs. context debate, this morning's panel at the Publishing Insider Summit gave some practical advice: Don't lose your head, literally. Richard Routman, CRO of Sporting News's Perform Group, cited a recent example where a big consumer brand's programmatic buy placed their pre-roll video ad in front of an ISIS beheading shown on YouTube. Routman said the U.S. ad market has essentially been unaware of that incident, which he said was "algorithmically" driven by the brand's audience targeting goals, but failed to identify the contextual environment the audience saw their spot in. "You don't want ...
  • Mobile's Paradox: A Majority Of Page Views, Minority Of Ad Dollars
    In a paradox worthy of a Mary Meeker slide, publishers groused that thanks to shifting consumer usage patterns they are now generating more than 60% -- and upwards of 80% -- of their readership from mobile devices. That's the good news. The bad news, is they're generating a fraction of their advertising revenues from it. "Revenue is lagging significantly behind," Zach Alter, vice president-East Coast sales at SheKnows said during the "mobile" panel at the Publishing Insider Summit this morning, adding that his content currently is generating about 60% of its readership off of mobile devices. Despite estimates that there ...
  • The Two Sides Of Publishers' Yield: Money, UX
    Programmatic trading technologies are leading publishers to focus more on their yield, but not necessarily in bottom line dollar terms. Some big consumer publishers reminded attendees at the Publishing Insider Summit in Key Largo this morning that their life blood also requires providing a yield to their readers vis a vis the so-called "user experience." Without them, they said, there wouldn't be anything to monetize. "One thing I think we overlook a little bit when we talk about yield is the entire experience," explained Brian Kroski, Chief Digital Officer of American Media Inc., adding, "We tend to focus on yield ...
  • Mobile Driving Majority Of Page Views, But Revenue Not Following Suit
    There's a lot of money being left on the table as the ad industry figures out the best ways to monetize mobile visitors. On the "Solving For Mobile: The Cross-Screen Data Dilemma" panel at the Publishing Insider Summit in Key Largo, FL, this afternoon, a panel full of publishers acknowledged that while the majority of their page views come from mobile devices, the revenue is not following suit.
  • Getting Advertisers To Use Publisher Data: How Did The Conversation Change?
    How have several large publishers changed the conversation when it comes to getting advertisers and agencies to use their data? A high-profile group of publishers was asked this question at the Publishing Insider Summit in Key Largo, FL, this morning, consisting of representatives from Politico, Conde Nast, AOL and Tribune Media.
  • Feel Like A Deer? Try Turning Those Headlights Around To Shed New Light
    Contrary to conventional wisdom -- or at least conventional emotions -- programmatic isn't a threat to publishers control over their advertising marketplace. It is actually, the opposite -- a way for them to reestablish control. "Programmatic reestablishes the rate card," Forrester Senior Analyst Susan Bidel told Publishing Insider Summit attendees this morning, attributing Meredith's Chip Schenck as the source of that perspective. Describing publishers as being like "deer in the headlights," Bidel said many have felt like they've lost control over how they manage their supply and demand in the marketplace, but that programmatic gives them more opportunity to control ...
  • Frictionless Buying
    That's what big publishers sales organizations are trying to create vis a vis better integration of their internal sales organization resources -- both man and machine, according to speakers on the opening panel at the Publishing Insider Summit in Key Largo this morning. We want to make it "as seamless as possible for advertisers," Chip Schenck, VP of Programmatic Sales and Strategy, Meredith said, describing the goal as "frictionless buying." Easier said than done for publishers' sales organizations that are still steeped in direct selling and are rapidly accelerating their investments and integration with programmatic selling systems. "Programmatic is a ...
  • Fox News Channel: Programmatic Now A Huge Part Of Revenue
    A few years ago, said Zach Friedman, VP of digital ad sales at Fox News Channel, direct sales drove the bulk of revenue for the network. But that has changed drastically, he told the audience at the Publishing Insider Summit in Key Largo, FL, this morning.
  • Live And Mobile: Engaging The Live Crowd
    When a marketer is sponsoring an event, they have two choices, says Brian Westerman, director of mobile client services, HelloWorld, during MediaPost's Mobile Insider Summit.
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