• What's The Best Way To Measure The Value Of Return Path Data?
    What's the best way to balance between optimum deliverability and optimum compliance in the world of email marketing? It's pretty much the same thing you should do in other worlds of marketing: test to find out what works best. That was the consensus of a panel on that subject during the closing session of the Email Marketing Summit in Park City, UT. "You should test it," Paul Kincaid-Smith, VP of Email Delivery, Sendgrid, said in response to an audience member's questions about the best way to measure the performance of return path data. It's the only way to prove that ...
  • This Headline Is A Blast (Here's Why)
    That's because I know very little about you, the readers, other than the fact that you're probably registered as a member of MediaPost, and you like reading blog posts about email marketing summits. And that, in a nutshell, is the challenge email marketers have when trying to figure out ways to personalize and automate their email communications to their targets: They just don't know who the majority of them are, according to the opening "State of the Union" panel at the second day of the Email Marketing Summit in Park City, UT, this morning.
  • Will Messaging Swallow Email Whole?
    Perhaps invigorated by the fresh air in Park City, UT, panelists aren't pulling any punches at MediaPost's Email Marketing Summit, on Tuesday. As an email marketer, "You make in five hours what [your company's social media team] makes all year," said Spencer Kollas, VP of Global Deliverability Services at Experian Marketing Services. Boom! Confident or not, Kollas and his peers admitted that the playing field is changing right before their eyes. In particular, Facebook Messenger and other messaging services are threatening to make email a marginal medium. As an email marketer, "You're going to be part of messaging," said Keith ...
  • Email marketing -- and big expensive entrees

    Think about email marketing, like a big varied expensive menu at a restaurant -- perhaps a long term meal decision.

    Speaking at MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit, Dela Quist, chief executive officer of AlchemyWorx: "We tend to treat each email like a separate event that is not affected by anything before or anything afterwards. The attribution is all about that single snapshot taken at that time."

    Quist says email marketers will do so much better in focusing on the emails that aren’t the trigger to get someone to buy. He says it’s all about "framing.’ “When you go to ...

  • Mobile Impacting Email Journey Mapping, Providing More Context
    Mobile is having a fundamental impact on the way email marketers think about targeting their consumers in a way they couldn't have done before with desktop, according to Kevin Hickey, director of global direct marketing at InterContinental Hotels Group. Speaking on the "Journey Mapping" panel at the Email Marketing Insider Summit in Park City, UT, Hickey said the hotel chain's analytics teams get very different insights when engaging with customers via their mobile journey. He described the mobile as a "new lens on the consumer [that] is context," and gave an example that even though InterContinental Hotels might have a ...
  • Batch-And-Blast Still Dominates Email Strategies, But Behavioral Is Gaining
    The consensus among the Email Marketing Insider Summit "Journey Mapping" panelists is that email marketing's tried-and-true method of "batch and blast" still dominates most email marketing strategies, but it is starting to give way to more nuanced behavioral targeting methods. InterContinental Hotels Group's Kevin Hickey said the chain still uses "batch and blast" about three-quarters of the time, but behavioral targeting now comprises about "25% to 30%" of its email campaigns.
  • Tomlinson, Come Here, I Want To See You
    So what exactly was the first email sent in 1971 and who sent it? That's what Email Marketing Insider Summit chair Gord Hotchkiss asked attendees after his opening remark. "Al Gore," quipped one attendee, leading Hotchkiss to add, "right after he invented the Internet." Seriously, Hotchkiss said was Ray Tomlinson, someone who actually had a hand in inventing the Internet, or at least the part we use to communicate peer-to-peer, you know, email.
  • Jeremiah Was An Email Marketer
    There were a couple of unusual things about the start of the Email Marketing Insider Summit in Park City, UT, this morning. One was who opened it -- Gord Hotchkiss, who is better known for his role as a Search Marketing Insider, and more recently vis a vis MediaPost's Online Spin Board. The second, was the musical accompaniment he used to open the introductory remarks.
  • Virtual Assistance For Every Brand?

    The next wave of wearable devices and the Internet of Things will come not only with many more connected devices — some 50.1 billion in five years -- but with specific apps that will provide more complex “virtual assistance”, something every brand will need to consider in their digital marketing plans.

    Speaking at OMMA Chicago, Ben Gaddis, chief innovation officer, of T3 says more "virtual assistance” will replace exisiting less engaging digital formats -- like display This will come from next generation of Siri-like enabling apps in wearable devices  --  everything for determining your specific exercise needs, without inputing ...

  • A Load Of Data (Get A Load Of What Will Be Replacing It)
    Well, that's one way of describing "Big Data." But the way the refer to it in Texas is a "shitload of data," according to Ben Gaddis, Chief Innovation Officer of Lone Star State-based agency T3. But unlike most s-load mongers, T3 isn't focused just on more data, but on the right data -- especially the kind of data that's only now becoming available thanks to a new generation of wearable devices.
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