• How To Get Kicked Out Of La Quinta

    If you’re a vendor or agency exec pushing mobile advertising, what will really annoy Amy Bartle, director, media & digital marketing, La Quinta Inns? Telling her that people are spending more time in mobile than TV so she should increase spending in mobile. Speaking at the Mobile Insider Summit on Monday, Bartle said over 68% of time spent in mobile is within the home—meaning people are doing something else while on the phone—and 80% are doing personal activities rather than searching or shopping. So if you try to make that argument about spending catching up with mobile time spent, “That’ll ...

  • Forrester On Mastering Mobile Moments

    In the second morning keynote at the Mobile Insider conference, Julie Ask, VP, principal analyst, Forrester, and co-author of “The Mobile Mind Shift,” said consumers have high expectations for convenience in mobile. In short, they expect to get information and services now, in the moment. That’s having a ripple effect through every organization.

    Nearly a quarter (23%) of consumers with a smartphone expect that the experience on a mobile device is going to change based on their location. They expect you’re going to use their context to apply to their experience, which will mainly be through apps. About 80% of ...

  • Mobile Is Creating Needy Consumers
    Listening to Forrester Research's VP, Principal Analyst, Julie Ask, give a keynote at the Mobile Insider Summit in Tahoe, Calif., one realizes that consumers are rather needy.
  • Consumers Not Hitting the Buy Button In Moblle

    Tasha Kuebitz of Provide Commerce, speaking at the Mobile Insider conference, said the company sees purchases taking place in mobile, but “it’s so little, it’s insane.” That more or less confirms a lot of research showing that while people research buys on their phones, but wind up buying through the desktop. What really drives m-commerce, according to Kuebitz, is last-minute buying, like when a guy is trying to buy his wife or girlfriend flowers for Valentine’s Day. To help drive more conversions, she said the company is also testing mobile-optimized landing pages that simplify the buying process. 

  • Break The Silos!
    But make sure the consumers don't get hit by the shrapnel. Speaking at the MediaPost Mobile Insider Summit in Tahoe, Calif., this morning, Jesse Wolfersberger, director of consumer insights at GroupM Next, said that the "in-store experience has a long way to go."
  • Mobile Turns The Funnel On Its Head

    The spread of mobility and myriad connected devices have forced marketers to redefine what they consider the purchase funnel or customer journey. A panel at the Mobile Insider conference including representatives of companies including Dell, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and GroupM, confirmed that mobile has made it much harder to figure out how and why consumers are making decisions.

    Jesse Wolfersberger, director of consumer insights, GroupM, declared the funnel “dead” because of the mobile and other pathways people take along the way to purchase. Instead of analyzing behavior by activity, he said the agency now tries to segment by ...

  • InterContinental Caters to Customer Journey

    Kicking off the 2014 Mobile Insider Summit, Bill Keen, director, mobile solutions and emerging channels, InterContinental Hotels Group, discussed how the company tries to tailor its mobile offerings and strategy to how customers are using their phones in relation to travel. The three most important considerations for customers are: Where am I? (How do I get where I want to go); Acclimation (how the user starts to transact via mobile) and Travel is fun (how the hotel brand can help guests “celebrate” their stay.

    “We think of those need states when developing our customer road map,” explained Keen. Beyond those ...

  • Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide
    Kevin Wassong, CEO of Lin Mobile, kicked off the Mobile Insider Summit in Tahoe, Calif., this week by likening mobile advertising to the Martha And The Vandellas song: "Nowhere to Run." The lyric that follows? "Nowhere to hide."
  • Ease Of Use Is Key For M-Payments Adoption

    The vision of consumers whipping out their mobile phones to pay for everything from groceries to high-end purchases at checkout is still far from a reality. Outside of a few exceptions like Starbucks and a mobile-only service like Uber, mobile payments haven’t caught on with consumers. Not surprisingly, younger people (18-34) tend to be the early adopters when it comes to mobile payments, according to a presentation by Ravi Viswanathan, Client Services Director, Nielsen, at the OMMA mCommerce conference.

    They also tend to be multicultural (33%), and skew a bit more toward iOS than Android, 50% to 45%. PayPal, Google ...

  • Lord & Taylor Testing Shopping Apps

    In the morning keynote at the OMMA mCommerce conference on Thursday, Ryan Craver, SVP, chief of staff, Hudson’s Bay and Lord & Taylor, says retailers shouldn’t have to choose between apps and the mobile Web, but rely on both. But he acknowledged that while most mobile shopping takes place on the mobile Web, the vast majority of time spent on devices is with apps. So even if people aren’t using a retailer’s own brand app, they still need to have a presence in third-party apps people are using in other categories, whether entertainment or gaming. He noted that only the ...

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