• 'It's Difficult To Find Love In An Excel Spreadsheet'
    Amy Auerbach, group media director at 22squared, mused that "it's very difficult to find love in an Excel spreadsheet" this morning at OMMA Miami, a conference focused on the intersection of art and science in advertising.
  • Soccer: About the ball.. and the fan

    Not many sports focus on their specific "ball" their athletes compete with. Soccer is different.

    Speaking at the “Marketing: Sports. Soccer in America” event, Liam Hoban, head of sports marketing of soccer of Adidas America, said the company sold 14 million “Brazuca” balls globally during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

    Hoban said the name of the ball was given by Brazilians themselves for the World Cup. “Brazuca” means inherently Brazilian. The ball itself had its own Twitter account, said Hoban, which rapidly grew during the World Cup -- some 600%.

    Hoban says Adidas America, ...

  • Surviving Star Endorsements In The Age Of Twitter
    Hitching your brand to a sports star has never been a bigger gamble, thanks to Twitter and the ubiquity of video-capturing smartphones. Yet, the potential rewards continue to outweigh the risks, marketing experts say. "That's what resonates with the fans," said Richard Motzkin, EVP & Managing Executive of Global Soccer at Wasserman Media Group. "We're only limited by our creativity," Motzkin told attendees of Soccer in America's Marketing Sports conference, on Monday. Brands have also become better at riding out the social media firestorms that athletes tend to ignite -- say, by going on an ill-advised Twitter rant, or behaving ...
  • Athletes & Social Media: First Get Some Zzs

    Sleep on it.

    That is the recommendation of Darren Marshall, vp of consulting and research for rEvolution, when it comes to sports athletes -- soccer athletes included-- who want to respond with passion, friendly or harshly, when it comes to specific sports or other news events.

    Marshall, speaking at Marketing: Sports. Soccer in America event, believes athletes need some perspective, especially when considering one’s endorsements.

    Less than positive news events might not have an assumed trajectory of an athlete’s sponsorship life. This was true with one of the most highly visible soccer athletes, Landon Donovan, ...

  • Find Your Soccer Marketing Target: Soccer Moms, for example.

    It’s not just about partnering with big soccer teams or big media for brands.

    Speaking at Marketing: Sports. Soccer In America, Mike Bloxham, vp of national television and video of Frank N. Magid Associates, says some moms suggestions for brands would be to “sponsor the leagues our kids are playing rather than be led about the agenda for brands or the media.”

    Bill Squadron, executive vp of STATS, reiterated remarks that John Guppy, founder, Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing, said earlier at the event: “Brand marketers need to pick a course." 

    Panelists note it’s not just buying ...

  • Time-Shifting Shifts The Definition Of The Sports Fan
    Time-shifting technology is fundamentally changing what it means to be a sports fan, media experts agree. "Being a fan isn't measured [by] attendance anymore," according to Angus McNab, Head of Content Distribution, North America, at Opta/PERFORM Group. "It's measured in knowledge [of the game]," he told attendees of Soccer in America's Marketing Sports conference, on Monday. That's a direct result of technology -- from DVRs to all manner of content-streaming devices -- taking hold among fans, and the young in particular. Today, it's necessary to "educate your child as to what a broadcast schedule is," said Mike Bloxham, Vice President ...
  • Marketing of video soccer games: Not always coming from soccer talent.

    Soccer video game sales can surprised many -- including executives.

    Speaking at Marketing: Sports. Soccer in America, David Pekush, senior global product marketing manager for EA Sports, said the company’s eyes were open when learning the marketing efforts for one version of its “FIFA” gaming series, came up with the results where  “one third of the games we sold were to people that never saw the game before.”

    EA Sports realized it needed to targeted a broader range of sports fans: “One of the great things about soccer, it is about fantastic competition,” says Pekush. EA ...

  • Marketing with Soccer: Unique deals... and fashion

    Marketers not only learned a lot in the recent World Cup in 2014 but fans as well through new marketing executions.

    Speaking at the Marketing: Sports. Soccer in America event, Jerome de Chaunac, global chief operating officer of Havas Sports & Entertainment says” “It was the true digital and social media World Cup.” He adds it was unique to many, fans included, that as  fashion marketers made appearences, as well as well a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton, which was involved with big event in Brazil with the trophy. 

    John Shea, president of Marketing Americas for Octagon, says ...

  • Preventing The Slot-Machine Scenario
    Marketers are still trying to figure out the best way to deploy beacons in stores, but here's one scenario that could prove problematic: "Walk into Walmart and the phone starts going off like a slot machine."
  • Beacons for Luxury Brands: Show Me The Magic

    In-store beacon media technology in mainstream retail stores can offer up basic creative experiences — with special deals, promotions, and the like -- for consumers. Still not all consumers may be open to in-story messaging to come via their smartphones while doing everyday shopping.

    But luxury brands should use a different creative approach for the technology.

    In speaking MediaPost’s Internet of Things: Beacons event, Craig Elimeliah, senior vp and director of creative technology for RAPP, says imagine wearing a Burberry coat you really can't afford. 

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