AI & IoT Daily Editions for February 2020
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Feb. 14, 2020
Cars Wrapped In Ads Leverage Location Tracking
Study: Average IoT Salary $112,00
Algorithms Are Ruining Everything: The Bleak Future Of Social Media
Boris Plays Nice With US Tech Giants On Regulation
New Chancellor Faces A Taxing Question On Tech Giants
Attackers Exploit Coronavirus In Phishing Emails
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020
Self-Driving Cars Hardly Around The Corner: Panelists At Synapse Summit
64% Of Consumers Look To 5G For Better VR, AR: Study
SoundHound, Wcities Team To Add Location To AI Voice
One Third of Smart Device Owners Struggle To Use Them: Report
Grocery Giant Kroger Partners With Microsoft To Ensure CPG Companies Can Analyze Data
WhatsApp Surpasses 2 Billion Users
Mobile World Congress Cancelled
Google is Adding Attachment Feature To Gmail For iOS
How The Washington Privacy Act Compares To GDPR And CCPA
Andy Rubin's Essential Products Pulls Plug On Project Gem, Shuts Down
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020
78% Of Smart Home Device Owners Would Share Data With Insurance Companies
Retailers Adding AI To Operations, Sales
Amazon Celebrates Lovers, Romance Between Robots
Papa John's Uses Snapchat For Another Valentine's Day Campaign
FTC To Study Big Tech Acquisitions Since 2010
SiriusXM Buys Stake In SoundCloud For $75 Million
Launching Antitrust Investigation, FTC Wants Info On Big Tech's Smaller Deals
Reuters Develops An AI Sports Presenter
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020
Coronavirus Cited For Sharp Drop In Smartphone, PC Shipments
Tech Spending To Grow 5% This Year: IDC
Future Today Launches On Xfinity, Xfinity Flex
Nielsen: 19% Of OTT Homes' TV Time Spent On Streaming
Verizon Launches 5G Lab In London
Voice-Tech Zeitgeist: Ads Reveal Evolving Relationship With AI
Federal Judge Reportedly Will Approve T-Mobile, Sprint Merger
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Feb. 10, 2020
Nuro Self-Driving Car Gets First Federal Regulator Approval
eMarketer Predicts 83 Million Smart Speaker Users This Year
Wearable Created To Track Parkinson's Disease Tremors
Mobile Messaging Platform Company Raises $70M
Reuters, Synthesia Unveil Prototype For Automated Video Sports Reports
Study: Firms Believe AI Could Hurt Branding
Future Today Launches On Xfinity, Xfinity Flex
Apple Fined For Slowing Down Older IPhones
Coronavirus Sees Amazon, LG And Ericsson Pull Out Of Mobile World Congress
Five US Tech Giants Could Be Paying A Billion In UK Tax
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Feb. 7, 2020
Uber Gets OK To Test Self-Driving Cars In California
Legal Woes Pile Up For Clearview
FuboTV To Stream -- And Solicit Trial Subs -- On Airlines
Quantcast, Kochava Partner To Create Privacy Compliant Platform For Web, Mobile Apps
Google Shopping Ads Coming To Gmail
T-Mobile Reports Stellar Quarter As It Awaits Decision On Sprint Merger
Spamhaus Invasion: Name Of Group Misused In Phishing Email
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020
Amazon Orders 100,000 High-Tech, Electric Delivery Vehicles
Remember The Razr? It's Back, It Folds -- And Costs $1,499
How Blockchain Fueled Avocados From Mexico's Super Bowl Campaign
Google Tells Clearview To Stop Scraping Photos For Facial Recognition Database
Oscars Get Dedicated Google Search, Assistant Experience
Huawei Files Lawsuits Claiming Verizon Has Infringed On 12 Patents
Canadian Bank Customers Warm Up To Digital: Study
Miva And Sendlane Partner To Drive Ecommerce Email
Human Error Causes Most Data Breaches, Data Protection Commissioner Says
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020
Amazon, KFC Create 'Brand Voice' Via Alexa
Clearview AI Slammed With New Lawsuit Over 'Faceprint' Sales
Consumer Intelligence Platform Suzy, Named For Humanizing Approach, Secures $12M In Funding
Google Snafu: Private Videos Sent To Strangers
MRC Completes Audits For Facebook, Instagram, YouTube: Pauses Snapchat's, Twitter's
Snap's Revenue Up 44% YOY, Global Daily Users Rise
Publishers, Not Data, Become Focus Since Google's Announcement To Squash Third-Party Cookies
Google Voice Hits Gmail Side Panel
Google Faces GDPR Probe Over Location Tracking
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020
Forecast Lowered For Purchases Via Smart Speaker
29% Plan To Buy Smart Thermostats This Year: Study
Horizon Media Maps New Partnership With Location Sciences
Twitter's Privacy Woes Persist, More Security Breaches Found
Dotdash Acquires 2 Enviromental-Focused Sites
New Regulator Must Be Allowed To Look Inside 'Black Box' Of Algorithms
Recipients Fall For Phishing Emails In Global Test
Mobile Was The Top Channel During Holiday 2019
Amazon Aggressively Fights To Dominate Google Page One
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Feb. 3, 2020
Starbucks Adding 4,000 AI-Enabled Coffee Machines
Verizon Media DSP Launches Inventory Storefront
Uber Likely To Have Another Row With TfL
How One Man Gamed Google Maps
Did GDPR Give Email Marketing A Massive Engagement Boost?
Why I'm Canceling The Apple Card -- And So Should You
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