• Brands Turn To Texting To Communicate During Pandemic: Study
    A new study shows that 70% are using texting to reach customers and employees. This is largely due to the increased use of mobile phones, and the impact of the pandemic. Here’s an analysis of the phenomenon.   
  • Notion Outage Caused By Phishing Complaints
    An outage at workspace startup Notion last Friday was caused by a floor of phishing complaints. Notion’s four million users were plunged into organizational darkness for several hours.   
  • Facebook And Snap Want Australia To Adopt GDPR-Style Privacy Act
    Facebook and Snap want Australia to update its 33 year-old Privacy Act with elements that are more in line with GDPR. 
  • Fabric, An Ecommerce Platform, Raises $43 Million
    Ecommerce startup Fabric has raised $43 million in Series A funding. The companies fuels ecommerce for such firms as GNC and ABC Carpet and Home.  
  • How A Microsoft Engineer Solved A Team's Meeting Problem
    Microsoft Teams meeting participants never know when the event is over. Here’s how an engineer corrected the problem. 
  • Washington State Privacy Bill Sponsor Says Third Time Could Be The Charm
    Washington state’s third attempt to pass new data privacy regulations could work this time, says Reuven Carlyle, the state senator who has sponsored the legislation. The laws are akin to California’s law and GDPR. 
  • Grindr Fined $11.7 Million For Alleged Disclosure Of Personal Data
    Grindr, a gay dating app, has been fined $11.7 million by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority for alleged GDPR violations. The company reportedly disclosed private details to advertising companies.
  • WhatsApp Could Be Hit With EUR50 Million GDPR Fine
    WhatsApp is facing a possible €50 million GDPR fine for allegedly failing to inform users about how their data would be shared with Facebook. It would be one of the largest GDPR penalties doled out to date. 
  • Google Ads To Be Phased Out And Absorbed Into Google Discovery
    Google Ads will longer be offered as a standalone ad type, starting in July. The service will be absorbed into Google Discovery, the company has announced. 
  • GDPR Fines Total GBP242.6 Million Since Inception
    EU regulators have imposed €158.5 million in GDPR-related fines since January 28, 2020, and £242.6 million since the law’s implementation in May 2018. Here’s a report on the impact. 
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